Company messes with a delivery driver's tips, and then a pro revenge ensues.

Company Messes With Delivery Driver's Tips, Pro Revenge Ensues

It's amazing what greedy people will do.
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A Karen customer insists on being wildly unreasonable, and then ends up getting her rightful comeuppance.

Karen Customer Insists On Being Totally Unreasonable, Pays The Price

Karen should've just played nice.
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Mailman won't deliver packages properly, so he goes on to get his rightful comeuppance.

Mailman Won't Deliver Packages, Gets Rightful Comeuppance

Yup, serves him right.
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A pro revenge story about an office lunch thief getting caught red-handed.

Lunch Thief Gets Outed By Coworker's Pro Revenge

Well played, indeed.
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A malicious compliance story about a mean old neighbor getting her rightful comeuppance.

Mean Old Neighbor Gets Her Rightful Comeuppance

Oh boy, she had it coming all along.
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AAA customer lies about baby being locked inside car, gets keys locked in again

AAA Customer Lies That He's Locked A Baby In His Car, Gets Instant Karma

Don't lie to AAA, apparently.
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An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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roommate steals food is allergic to peanuts, demands payment

Roommate Steals Food, Has Allergic Reaction, Demands Payment For EpiPen

Good luck with that one.
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A company tries to skip out on paying their employees OT, and it ends up completely backfiring for them.

Company Tries To Skip Out On Paying Employees OT, Completely Backfires

Serves them right.
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Man takes revenge on cheating wife who refused to stay faithful.

Man Falls In Love While In Military, Gets Married, Wife Cheats, Revenge Ensues

Cheaters never win.
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Man tips big to impress his date, but then returns afterwards to take money back.

Man Tips Big To Impress Date, Returns Afterwards To Take Money Back

He had it coming.
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A customer angrily demands extra cheese on their Alfredo pizza, and they get more than they bargain for.

Customer Demands Extra Cheese On Alfredo Pizza, Sloppy Cheese Catastrophe Ensues

Shouldn't have been so rude, bro.
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Band won't pay music producer, they get rightful comeuppance.

Band Won't Pay Music Producer, Band Gets Rightful Comeuppance

Best to pay those dues.
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Department manager hires a credit stealing friend, and a pro revenge ensues.

Department Manager Hires Credit Stealing Friend, Pro Revenge Ensues

That's how it is done.
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An incompetent manager makes the mistake of firing the wrong employee.

Wildly Incompetent Manager Fires The Wrong Employee

Big whoops there, bud.
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Guy serves revenge to shady firm many years later.

Man Serves Revenge To Shady Firm Many Years Later

A job well done.
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