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HOA Karen gets entire neighborhood banned from pizza place by giving terrible tip

Usually, bad tippers get off scot-free and—well, completely free. But this HOA Karen managed to get her entire neighborhood banned from a pizza place simply because of the sheer atrocity that was her tip. This brilliant story was shared to Reddit's aptly named r/r/f**kHOA subreddit, a community where stories are shared with a theme that you can probably surmise. Occasionally stories from this subreddit will trend onto Reddit's r/all front page, as this one did when it was originally posted. The…
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Top 5 Karens of the Week (March 28, 2023)

It's about time we give you a freshly updated ranking of the top 10 Karens this week.
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'I live here!': Karen parks in family's driveway and tries to pretend it's her house

When someone is caught in a lie, it's always surprising to see how far they will take it. You might expect the liar to give it up, admit defeat, and admit to their deceit, but liars have been lying for so long that they don't know how to turn it off and will continue building up the fabrication even after their lie has been substantially disproven. Reddit user u/Top-Studio8028 posted this thread to Reddit's r/entitledparents, sharing a story that he and his brother experienced after their famil…
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Upper class Karen disrespected my family, then tried to attack me when I retaliated

Entitled Karen Goes Into Full Rage Mode at Movie Theater, Guy Dumps His Water Bottle on Her

This Karen had the audacity to harass this guy's Mom and then try to start a fight with him.
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'My grandma says I can': Waterpark Karen and entitled teen throw temper tantrum at lifeguard

It is surprisingly unsurprising that water parks attract the Karens of this world.
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'I WANT IT FOR THIS PRICE!': Entitled Karen gets epically put in her place after grocery store manager reads word-for-word the definition of a "unit price"

It's not easy working in customer service and don't let anyone trick into thinking it is. The actual work is not hard, anyone can learn it. But dealing with the customers… That takes skill! Especially when it comes to dealing with entitled Karen customers . This is the kind of customer who marches into the place like they are the king or queen or rules over it and then asks for the impossible and throws a tantrum when they can't get it. For example, a person on Reddit shared a story of an entit…
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'Check our hours on Google next time': Karen leaves 1-star review when she tries to order food after close, gets roasted by owner's scathing response

There is no greater horror when working in service and retail than having a customer come bursting through the doors moments before closing—sometimes, as you're literally turning the key to lock them. Some people have no chill and not a lick of common sense; they really don't understand that these workers want nothing more than to go home the moment their shift is done—with every right to feel that way. This post was shared to Reddit's r/quityourbulls**t community by Reddit user u/NarutoCell, w…
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'I don't tolerate liars': Local Karen and Kevin denied a room at hotel, front desk worker stands ground

There are some people you just don't want to mess with, and front desk workers at hotels are definitely among those people.
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Viral Prankster Sells 'How's My Driving?' Bumper Stickers with His Own Phone Number and Personally Takes the Karen Calls, Hilarity Ensues

Wow. Bravo! This was just *chef's kiss*! Sure, it sounds like this Karen lady is crying at the end, but like, who does what she did? Why would you call and complain because you were late and a car in front of you was going a little slow. Like, lady… Come on. The only time you call those “How's My Driving?” bumper stickers is if the driver was actually putting someone in danger. Like, they were visibly intoxicated or like driving the wrong way down the highway. Not if they made you late to you s…
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'It's like a Karenpalooza': Six Flags Karen enraged that she can't cut the line for a free refill

In case you hadn't heard, one of the most popular attractions for the Karens of the world is the amusement park.
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Karen leaves business 1-star review because someone was rude to her child adjacent to it

Imagine you're a business owner who has just opened up their doors. You operate out of a storefront in a small neighborhood center that provides outdoor maintenance and cleaning. Along comes a Karen with her flock of children; they're out of control, making a fuss and a scene. The maintenance guy is out front cleaning the sidewalk. They're repeatedly getting in the maintenance guy's way, pestering him with all types of questions, and he quickly has just about had enough. He lets it fly at Karen…
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AITA for reporting my sons math teacher to the school board for ineptitude and being so rude to me? I would like him fired from his provisional contract.

Entitled Karen Tries to Fire Her Kid's Math Teacher For Making Him Take Notes

This kid will never learn anything with his entitled mom around!
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'You were trying to flee the place without paying': Karen leaves a 1-star review after trying to dine and dash, owner responds

Well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions. Let's face it; some people really struggle to take accountability for their own behavior, to the point that they're reading to get dirty, messy—even feral—as long as it keeps them from having to face the truth that they're a Karen. When this Karen took it upon themself to leave a 1-star review for their dining experience, it didn't take long before the owner responded to put them in their place. The owner responded by saying that the Karen h…
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'I'll stuff you in that washing machine': Crazy hotel Karen throws tantrum at front desk employee at 1 AM, chases her into the laundry room

If this isn't the premise for the next best horror comedy, I don't know what is.
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'Instantly she starts sprinting to the front desk': Yoga Karen gets diabolical, steals woman's spot in class

There's nothing like a competitive yoga class to bring the Karens out!
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'Today at the airport a Karen tried to recruit me into being a Karen with her and I was not having it' : Airline passenger delivers epic one-liner that shuts down Karen trying to throw a tantrum

Wow. Just wow. This was an amazing one-liner that this person hit a Karen with—and it actually worked! There is nothing worse than someone being a total jerk to everyone around them, and then they turn to you like you two are friends and they try to get you onto their side, as if you look like someone who would understand them. Like, what? No, no, no! We are not together . There is a big difference between you and a Karen and that is that a Karen is an entitled immature a-hole who has zero gras…
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