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'Your new total will be...': To save $2, penny-pinching Karen disrespects a retail employee, catching karma and losing money because of an expired coupon

Shoppers can all agree that getting a good deal on a purchase is the best feeling in the world, but some Karens take the coupon hoarding to the next level. Although it's fun to get a discount every now and then, extreme couponing is the bane of every retail workers existence, especially when the person wielding the magazine clippings that'll save them $.50 cents acts like a tyrannical maniac to every worker.
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'Ten thousand pennies, plus the extra twenty-five dollars, weighs a lot': Owner plays a reverse uno to Karen customer's malicious compliance

This customer wasn't happy about the service she had received or the price she had been charged—especially surprising considering she had been given a discount. She thought she could even get against the shop for the perceived slight against her and decided to execute a ‘malicious compliance’ by paying her repair bill entirely in pennies. She failed to calculate the fact that the owner might be happy to oblige her preferred method of payment—simply to watch her have to haul in sacks and sacks o…
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karen gets put in her place by random old man bystander

'You ain't do nothing to that lady': Old man comes to the rescue of guy being harassed by unhinged Karen, she leaves idiotic apology letter days later

The guy even ended up making a song and music video about the experience.
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'Quite sad. I spend more time with your son than you do': Karen demands free $20k Pokemon card for her son, guy mercilessly claps back

Pokemon cards are something that, at this point, are loved by kids and adults everywhere. As the original Pokemon has aged into adulthood, we've continued to share that joy with the youngsters. Of course, there are always going to be people who, thinking they're clever, seek to turn a profit off of the altruism of others, disguising their wants as needs and playing the victim card whenever possible to try and guilt trip people into giving them things beyond their better judgment. This must work…
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'I'm going to sue you': Male Karen claims he slipped in the store the night before, story doesn't add up, he vows to sue anyway

Some people just want to make a scene.
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Top Five Karen Stories of the Week (May 3, 2023)

Spring is upon us, which means more fun and enjoyable outdoor activities. However, what comes with more time outdoors? Well, that would be more opportunities to run into some Karens in the wild.
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Was on my sister's apartment door. She doesn't even own a dog, and is barely home

'You are impeding on my luxury experience': Delusional Karen leaves savage note complaining about neighbor's non-existent dog

People love to complain about nothing!
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'Are you a moron?': Retail cashier gets chewed out by a Karen after offering her a rewards credit card for the second time

Working retail is the biggest soul sucking job known to man. Nobody grows up aspiring to be a cashier working the register, forced to endure customers's stupid jokes ("if it doesn't scan it's free, right?"), listening to mild pop music on loop, and surviving inadequately balanced AC. However maddening the endless onslaught of beeping barcodes, inventory nights, matching aprons, and dealing with incoming merchandise, the worst thing by far about working in retail are the Karens.
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One Decade Later

'Thank God My Son Dodged a Bullet With You': Entitled Karen sends nasty message to son's ex-girlfriend

The audacity of this woman!
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'All right, I've had enough. I quit': Valet employee lets entitled family have it after they blame her for their mess up

One Karen is already a handful, but a family of Karens?!?! It's a wonder how anybody would survive that one their own. It can come in many forms, like a bunch of girlfriends who are also Karens, or a family of Karens where the Karen parents raised their kids to also be parents. It's a hell!sh cycle, but it happens. So how do you survive? One woman on Reddit shared her story of surviving a Karen father and his two Karen daughters. She was working as a valet driver and they were part of a bridal…
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‘[Karen] had to pay a little over $60k:’ Plan backfires on Karen mom suing rancher for not allowing her daughter to ride the horses on private property

The audacity of some people just feels absolutely insane. How can you be THAT delusional, running around town like you own the place? How come delusional and entitled tend to go hand in hand? A story we came across recently on Reddit really had us pondering this. On the subreddit r/EntitledPeople a person posted a story about a friend of theirs. This friend owned a farm with some rescue horses. She did not give out riding lessons because these horses have gone through trauma and are not for rid…
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'Have fun with unemployment': Karen coworker fires herself by refusing to do her job

When you have a job, it's usually best to do that job if you want to keep it… Not get embroiled in a war of petty acts against a coworker who wanted no part in that war in the first place. If you choose the latter pathway, you need to be prepared for any consequences that follow. Redditor u/Peach_Gfuel shared this story to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit about their coworker who insisted on getting revenge on them for a perceived slight. u/Peach_Gfuel had previously worked for the Qual…
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'I want my pizza for free': Karen answers door naked, demands free pizza, pizza guy calls police

This isn't how I remember that going…
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'Karens at the airport': Flight gets delayed till 3:45am, five Karens throw tantrums

There's nothing like a flight delay to bring out the most ridiculous behavior.
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Karen demands I don a costume and hand out candy to her kid, three days after Halloween

Karen takes her kid Trick-or-Treating 3 days after Halloween, demands neighbor to don costume and give candy

Halloween is clearly over, lady!
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'Apparently she thinks knowing this allows me to hack her': Karen insists custom computer guy is trying to hack her and her child

When you deal with customers, no matter how big or small your operation is, there's the inevitable risk that, at some point, you'll stray across an unreasonable one. It's incredibly likely that your experience with this someone with culminate with them blaming you for problems and unhappiness of their own making while gesturing wildly in a manner reminiscent of a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man—just to be sure they've gotten their point across. If the experience doesn't end in an…
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