Ok But Which Edition is Better For You, 1 or 2?

funny pun image eye see what you're doing there doc
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Your Dick Pics Need a Professional to Take Them to the Next Level

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caught news jobs Video robbery - 159239

During a Live Broadcast, This Anchor Witnesses a Suspected Bank Robber Fleeing

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This Is Probably Not a Legal Way to Teach Kids About Segregation

school fail image teacher tries to teach about segregation by being racist
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When This Young Boy Called Out Wanting to Report on NASA's Next Rocket Launch and NASA Responded

facebook cute Human of New York posts gets response from NASA
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This College Student Took His Dorm Hall Chef Flying, Because It Was On His Bucket List

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If You're a CEO of a Retail Chain and Want to Do a Reddit AMA, Learn From REI's Mistakes

fail CEO of REI does a reddit AMA and past employees shed light on truth of working there
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If Untangling Christmas Lights isn't Your Personal Hell, Tesco Wants to Hire You

tesco wants to hire someone to untangle Christmas lights all day
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Advice for the Future

jobs john oliver Video win - 74250497

John Oliver Reminds Us All That Public Defenders are Grossly Underpaid and Overworked

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kim davis work memes

20 People Who Don't Believe in Their Job But Still F**king Do It (Unlike Kim Davis)

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School Security With a Zero Understanding Tolerance Policy

school jobs facepalm congratulations - 8562575872
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Do You Want to Super Size that Burn?

Do You Want to Super Size that Burn?
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So This is How They Did Graphic Design Before Photoshop

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America's Next Top News Anchor

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sexism twitter jobs list clever sexy - 523269

Scientists Have The Best Responses to Nobel Winner's Sexist Comments Using #distractinglysexy

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