man confronts neighbor for obnoxious Christmas lights decorations

Neighbor Can't Handle Christmas Decorations

It kind of sucks.
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Guy tricks mall thieves with deceptive holiday gift | r/ProRevenge u/Hypetents Christmas gift Grandpa know guy has done this every year more than decade started some dick broke into cab his truck and stole Christmas gifts he had bought at Mall. If remember correctly, he had make two trips and some jerk saw him go back into store and busted his window long time ago am not positive details original event.

Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift

Grandpa's so charitable.
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Sister attempts to fix her mom's nativity scene, and a hilarious fail results | So going try fix my mother's nativity scene Virgin Mary's hands are broken off and needs new coat paint. Soo decide go ahead and see if could sculpt some new hands her have now come some realization while am very crafty and artistic am not sculptor #chickenfeethands #scarymary #JesusHelpMe

Sister Attempts To Fix Mom's Nativity Scene, Hilarious Fail Ensues

Well, she tried.
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People's wildest holiday parties | party held basement restaurant on slick/snowy night made my entrance by slipping and falling down entire flight stairs, dead sober. My coworkers all said like something out slapstick silent film.

People's Most Embarrassing Office Christmas Parties

Office holiday parties are pure madness.
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cracked video about the math behind the Tim Allen Santa Claus movie

Math Proves That Santa's Life Is Terrible

Maybe Santa wanted out.
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parents scare child with saint nick prank

Saint Nick In Holland Scares Kid Straight

Poor guy.
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Santa hotline funny cringeworthy video

"Talk To Santa" Hotline Is A Cringeworthy Mess

Santa has seen better days.
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Multiple drivers park illegally in handicapped spots, so a parking lot Grinch saves the day | r/pettyrevenge u/maniacallygrinning 188d Join 1 disabled parking Grinch! Hi, y'all. this years ago, at Christmas time at Target had JUST given birth my daughter and ran store get diapers (and moment peace parked BF Egypt, walked past zillion cars, and saw woman slowly driving past all full disabled spots. She is almost tears, so walk up and ask if she is ok. She explodes tears saying she is wheelchair

Drivers Park Illegally In Handicap Spots, Parking Lot Grinch Saves The Day

Happy Holidays, indeed.
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Carrot In A Box holiday game

"Carrot In A Box" Is The World's Best Holiday Game

Sean straight up fooled everyone in the room.
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Village's Christmas lights are designed by the local primary kids | Poppy McKenzie Smith @GTOpoppy Our village Christmas lights are designed by local primary kids and they are single best thing about festive season.

Local Primary Kids Design Village's Christmas Lights, Hilarity Ensues

Tis the season.
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Various Twitter users describe their Thanksgiving traditions | Ghost @Ghost 7 Replying jimmyfallon Starting Christmas season early by declaring Home Alone" is now Thanksgiving movie #NewThanksgivingTraditions

Twitter Users Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions

Some new traditions are starting up this year.
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Friendly reminder for people that want to buy pets during the holidays | holidays are coming up, and as someone who works pet store there are some things want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts remember: fish tanks need be set up and running at least one week before fish can be put all fish need treated water and bacteria supplements. fish can only survive plastic bag about an hour ONLY fish can go bowl is BETTA. all other fish, especially goldfish, will die/be very unhealthy bowls.

Pet Store Employee Shares Friendly Holiday Reminder

Don't underestimate how loud birds are.
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Entitled coworker gets humbled and learns lesson on Christmas Day. | r/ProRevenge u/MorganLeFatal 2y Join Merry Christmas quit. Quite few years ago moved into house with few my best friends. One my friends got job with her at local gas station within walking distance our house and thought pretty set with my new arrangement living with my best friends, able walk work and job should have been one easiest positions ever held is, until met my coworker Jane worked nights didn't get too many customers

Entitled Coworker Learns Lesson On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Jane.
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Twitter thread about Victorian Valentine's Day cards | tweet Rosie White @rosalindmwhite Vinegar Valentines were cheaply made cards usually featured an insulting rhyme or caricature. As receiver not sender responsible cost postage recipient often found themselves paying privilege being insulted by their admirer.

Victorian Valentine's Day Cards Were A Passive Aggressive Roastfest

Roasts are a timeless art form.
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People describe the ways that they failed on Valentine's Day | reddit post Galaxine got flu fever delirious and told my husband he needed bananas so he could rule world. He made soup and put both cats on bed cuddle. Then he called off work today take care True love. But all romance is on hold.

People's Unfortunate Valentine's Day Fails

So much hype and it can all come undone in an instant.
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video following a guy who decides to host a Christmas dinner party to fifty strangers alone for the holidays

Guy Hosts Christmas Dinner For 50 Lonely Strangers

A thing of absolute beauty!
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