A collection of cursed images that are painful to look at. | elongated bathroom with a toilet and a sink all the way across the room | couch made of black and white rat plushies

Cursed Images From The Rancid Pits Of The Underworld

Thanks, we hate it.
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Koala gross sound video

Koala Sounds Just Awful

It's like a boat engine made out of pig parts.
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impressive things people made that are still weird and bad | pink toilet built inside a matching armchair | bedazzled creepy clown ornament

Skillful Creations of Dubious Taste

Great job, but why?
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strange junk people tried selling online and craigslist | CR CellBrokerage PS4 Thermostat Simulator Ps5 game $15 | Rare corner screw $1,000 Listed 7 hours ago Avondale, AZ e Seller prefers door drop off or pick up. Learn More E Get Local Delivery. Learn More Send seller message

Weird and Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

Everyone wants to make a buck.
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wtf cringe gross trashy moments | Poquoson Trash and Treasure not stolen Fully Frozen shredded chicken taco Bell meat never been opened never been thawed C-482 SAVORY SHREDDED CHICKEN ID# 00000093 GIN# 00SES5 MFG: 10 2/2O USE BY 06/29/21 $100 GLOUCESTER, VA Taco Bell shredded chicken meat | car parked blocking access to shopping carts

Trashy Moments That Flooded The World With Garbage

People aren't the greatest sometimes.
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Bad things people have tasted | becauseimcountolaf cheese ball at this church lady's house 2 4 4 7 More (one my grandma's friends tasted like dirty socks cat had been playing with months. But have never laughed as hard as did day stupidly) asked my then 11-year-old sister (who is on spectrum and thus has problems modulating her voice) if she had had cheese ball. She proceeds effectively yell YEAH TASTED LIKE BUTT'S FOOT look death got old lady..

The Worst Things People Have Tasted

It's worse than defeat.
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Chef Gordon Ramsay served spoiled food cooking fail

Chef Serves Rancid Scallops To Gordon Ramsay

That's a worst-case scenario situation.
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disgusting cursed food | pasta covered in gray gross sauce gravy | cabbage emptied and carved into a bowl and stuffed with something brown

Cursed Foods from Satan's Crock Pot

Cooking shouldn't look this dangerous.
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broken clothes iron sounds gross and weird

Broken Iron Sounds like a Ghoul

Oh wow, gross.
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Twitter thread on canned chicken and English and American food | Francisco Garcia @Ffranciscodgf Always mad Americans talk down British food because don't do fluffernutters just right like their mommy does, yet this is normal and also somehow legal them kitchens Sweet Sue Canned Whole Chicken PLE FAL HOME ST GOOD Fully Cooked

Cultures Clash In Canned Chicken Thread

Goodbye food pyramid, hello food cylinder.
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trashy and wtf cringe moments of people being selfish | Warning all stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc This is someone paid their food at Huddle House. Needless say no longer take rolled coins sorry honest folks | Sunbathing and Barbeques are not allowed cemetery. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT

Trashy Moments Bubbling with Garbage-osity

People can be selfish sometimes.
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People describe things that smell good, but taste terrible | duchy4112 5h Candles Reply 626

Things That Smell Good But Taste Bad

Don't eat the candle.
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Stories of horrible sandwiches ordered by customers | Oatm3a1s can get 2 0 2 get 6-inch Honey Wheat, just condiments Just condiments just condiments. All them, if don't mind day ruled

Weirdest Orders Sandwich Store Employees Got

Horrible taste is universal.
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gross wtf cursed food | Vegan geunan kecipes Beginners 20m R Watermelon pizza green stuff see is gucumole Y SMOOTH WRAITING | My friends mum got some bacon out freezer 14 years ago! STIRCHLEY BACON COMANY LTD RIRCHALL STREEL DIGBETH, BIRMINGHAM ORA PREMIUM RASHE S MIDDLE BACON INGREDIENTS: PORK, SAL WATER PRESERVATIVES, E250, E252, ANTIOXIDAN 301 B1OSP USE BY: APRIL 2006.WEICHT 200g Kg e PACK PRICE 037359 "o 0 0 2 8 8 KEEP FROZEN V1153

Cursed Foods from Lucifer's Larder

Some things should not be.
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People describe the food combos that sound gross but are delicious | snapdragon_23•4d Fried potatoes and maple syrup Reply 401

Gross Food Combos That Are Actually Delicious

Cookies and orange juice is a trip.
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A collection of strange and cringeworthy images | engagement photo couple kissing next to the words SAID YES written in lobsters | scary winged creature on top of an electricity pole

Cringe Images From The Belly Of The Nope Beast

Nope and cringe on the menu today.
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