People describe the food combos that sound gross but are delicious | snapdragon_23•4d Fried potatoes and maple syrup Reply 401

Gross Food Combos That Are Actually Delicious

Cookies and orange juice is a trip.
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A collection of strange and cringeworthy images | engagement photo couple kissing next to the words SAID YES written in lobsters | scary winged creature on top of an electricity pole

Cringe Images From The Belly Of The Nope Beast

Nope and cringe on the menu today.
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weird things people tried selling on craigslist and facebook marketplace | Custom wood gym equipment $500 Listed over week ago Middletown, CT Send seller message Hello, is this still available? | picture some hands don't really know much about The Creation of Adam Michelangelo

Weird Stuff People Tried Selling Online

What a great value.
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Strange cursed images and other weird pictures | funny tapir looking at a half eaten sandwich held by the person taking the pic | power cord floating on top of flip flops in a pool

Weird and Cursed Junk from the Corners of the Internet

Oh, cool, thank you internet.
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A collection of creepy things from the land of Australia | scorpion being hunted by a giant spider

The Mortifying Nopes Of Australia

Better come prepared.
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Buffet workers share their horror stories in an AskReddit thread | sixpackshaker• 339d My first job as dishwasher an all can eat fried catfish buffet. People are animals. Especially ones get far more food off buffet than they can eat. Then they take left overs and pile them on plate or tray, cover ketchup and tartar sauce, then pour their iced tea over top all lot people did got at least two plates like night. 6.8k

AskReddit Thread: Buffet Workers' Horror Stories

Hard pass.
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Horrible and gross cursed food | IMPROVED TASTE Wish Bone Campbell's Turkey Chunky Blue Cheese GRAVY sauces in spray bottles | toilet bowl used to eat cereal

Cursed Foods from the Devil's Pantry

Satan is a chef and he is angry.
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Bad real estate photos of creepy and gross houses | pig sleeping in a dirty room | makeshift porch held up by a fridge

Highly Questionable Real Estate Photos

"The hog really ties the room together."
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Various creepy, gross and dark facts | Clydemortranexis 21.9k points 15 hours ago Tarantulas can swim.

Creepy Facts to Feel Unsettled About

Oh great.
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Guy's fart almost causes the entire airport to evacuate | r/tifu Join u/mayallrob_ 1d 1 1 2 TIFU by almost causing an evacuation UK's largest airport. M This happened few years ago used work kitchen one Heathrow's private airline lounges, where rich and famous were everyday customers did basic food prep and helped chefs wherever possible. On this particular day came into work feeling fine except some minor stomach pains. One chefs

Guy's Fart Almost Causes Airport Evacuation

What a nightmare.
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Dude opens a 2 year old thermos and a gross cursed food creation ensues | r/tifu Join u/TimeLordFishBrain 9h 1 S 1 1 TIFU by opening 2 year old thermos M So couple years ago my little Sister got new backpack, and instead cleaning out old one and throwing away, she shoved coat closet. Today had lovely priviledge finding and cleaning out

Dude Opens 2 Year Old Thermos, Cursed Abomination Ensues

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Person uses rat prank to get roommates to clean | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Dull_Amy 1 day ago F S AITA terrorising my roommates into cleaning up their crap? Not hole So live with two roommates (28m 21f) who are less than helpful comes cleaning house. Wet clothes are left washer days on end, food is left rotting fridge and sink several weeks if do not clean they also just casually throw garbage into yard. If asked nicely multiple times them clean their mess and even not so nicely few times.

Rat Prank Gets Filthy Roommates to Clean Up

Sweet and effective.
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Disgusting things people found in their food.

Worst Things People found In Their Food

What a horrible lucky find.
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Strange, funny, weird and WTF images | a child hiding under the dashboard in the passenger seat of a car while a llama sticks its head in | woman taking a photo of another woman posing in front of a fake tropical beach backdrop

Dumb and Weird Stuff from the Crevices of The Internet

Yes, thank you internet.
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Gross video of a swamp totally filled with squirming catfish and alligators

Squirming Swamp of Catfish and Alligators is a Nope Milkshake

It looks pretty slimy in there.
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Not fun facts about horrible and terrible things | gkibbe 20.7k points 10 hours ago People who handle cockroaches develop allergies them. This usually prevents them drinking pre- ground coffee because cockroaches get grounded with large batches.

Not-So-Fun Facts To Feel Bad About

Oh... cool.
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