horrible cursed gray food

Cursed Foods Of The Grayest Pallor

Food doesn't deserve to be gray.
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Dude tries to tackle the gallon milk challenge, and ends up failing miserably.

Egotistical Dude Underestimates Milk Gallon Challenge, Pays The Price

Oh, the pain.
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selfish, trashy and wtf behavior

Trashtacular Moments of Shameless Garbage-osity

Faith in humanity lost.
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zookeepers share their insider knowledge

Zookeepers Share Their Insider Zoo Knowledge

What other job requires a bachelor's degree to shovel poop? Nursing?
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Boss leaves leftovers in employee's truck, so the employee proceeds to take a stinky revenge.

Boss Leaves Leftovers In Employee's Truck, Rancid Petty Revenge Ensues

Fred's face must've been a stunning painting of disgust.
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Guys get UHaul stuck in low clearance parking garage and burst a pipe, spilling brown water all over the vehicle

Doofuses Cram A U-Haul Into A Parking Garage

It plays out like Dumb and Dumber.
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gross, funny and bad things restaurant employees did to customers food

The Things Restaurant Employees Have Seen Done To A Customer's Order

Surprisingly, not a lot of spitting.
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Funny tumblr thread about operating a clown meat deli

Tumblr Thread: Being a Purveyor of Fine Clown Meats

It's uh... it's a lot.
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customer service FAIL gross cringe McDonald's Video tiktok - 2189830

McDonald's Worker Apparently Serves Customer Half-Eaten Burger

Better be a joke, dude.
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gross cringe social media ridiculous food Video tiktok - 2185478

TikToker Thinks He's Eating Soup, Learns It's Hollandaise Sauce

A pure and genuine fail.
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worst tasting foods people ate to be polite

The Worst Things People Ate Out of Politeness

We've all had to take a few bites for the team.
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parents of ugly babies explaining their experience

Parents of Ugly Babies Share What That's Like

Call it humble beginnings, or something.
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twitter thread, guy finds what look like shrimp tails in his cinnamon toast crunch cereal

Twitter Thread: Dude Finds What Looks Like Shrimp Bits in Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The wrong kind of crunch.
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science facts that are creepy

Creepy Science Facts to Feel Weird About

Great, thanks reality.
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weird and bad for sale items

Weird and Stupid Junk People Tried Selling Online

Such unique wares.
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A wildly corroded can of Chef Boyardee from 1995 gets opened | Dinosaur Dracula Opening wildly corroded can Spider-Man Pasta 1995 thread 1/5 DinosaurDracula New! Chef BOYARDEE PRESENTS MCS PIDER MAN NTA SHAPES ATBALLS OMATO

Twitter Thread: Opening A Wildly Corroded Can Of Chef Boyardee

It's cursed.
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