Weird things people tried selling on the internet | Dublin BIKE market (used Bicycles Sale) 1 hour ago Chain saw bike €500 Dublin, Ireland Chainsaw bike sale works perfectly will have no problem cutting our way through traffic mornings | Bean burrito $50 Listed 5 minutes ago Bayville, NJ Send seller message Is this still available? Send Message Save Share More

Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

One man's trash is another man's trash.
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A quick and bizarre Tumblr thread about a person that ate spiders | vviimmv why FUCK is there big spider on my bedroom wall doesn't look like any spider ever seen my entire life fuck sicklythiasus are sure 's spider? vviimmv yes am looks like this

Tumblr Thread: Mad Lad Eats Wolf Spiders

That's one way to go about it.
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Weird, strange, funny and wtf images | husky dog with only its neck shaved but long fur on its head and body | person carrying a toaster with two slices of bread inside it as a messenger bag

Strange Images to Fill the Day with Weird

No context, no problem.
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Gross, criminal and WTF trashy moments | Ghanaian pastor bathes church, tells congregation drink bathwater anointing | person riding a bike with a traffic light over their shoulder

Trashy Moments Bursting with Garbage-ocity

Trashiness comes in many flavors.
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A collection of cursed food items that are just hard to look at | round cake made from jello spaghetti o's with sausages stuck in the middle

Cursed Food Abominations That Make Tummies Squirm

Yikes on yikes.
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losing a bet and drinking hot sauce

Gamer Loses Bet, Drinks Bottle Of Hot Sauce

A man of his word.
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Uncomfortable images and gross cursed food | Without objective morality, everything is permissible. nutella spaghetti

Uncomfortable, Mostly Cursed Food Related Images

Oh cool, gross.
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trashy moments | Reno man charged with stealing surgical masks VA hospital wanted | TO THE PRETTY YOUNG GIRL PINK PANTS THANK VIEW! sign taped to pole in the street

Trashy Behavior that Belongs on Mount Garbage

At the tippy top.
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scary, weird and WTF Australian animals | huge gigantic worm held up in the air | photoshop edit of a crocodile attacking a shark and carrying it to shore

Majestic Atrocities of the Australian Natural World

What terrifying wonder.
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Entitled son takes over as chef, reuses customers' unfinished soups, and gets reported | This revenge story happened 90s working after school as line cook chef's assistant at Chinese restaurant place specialized noodle soups, with main attraction being our soup stock owner used much revered passed down family recipe consisted freshly cracked pork bones, fresh spices and fresh vegetables all kept at rolling boil over 12 hours had be started night before and owner very particular about soup stock.

Chef Reuses Customers' Unfinished Soups, Loses Restaurant

That's just wrong.
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Weird things people tried selling online | Handmade BBQ Grill $50 Listed 3 days ago Raleigh, NC Send seller message Is this still available? Send | Sectional couch $1,000 Listed over week ago Marysville, OH Send seller message Is this still available? Send

Unusual Stuff People Tried to Sell Online

One person's trash is another person's garbage.
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People describe the most outrageous cursed foods they've seen eaten | HumansAreGarbage2019 1y Moms boyfriend. Crushed cheez- crackers into his coffee day he ate waffles covered spinach and fish sticks drizzled with syrup. All while LOUDLY smackin his lips sayin "uuuh so goooood Mom says dont let bother bothers .

Absolutely Bonkers Cursed Foods People Ate

They've either lost it or they leveled up.
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Twitter thread on whale explosion is lesson in listening to experts when it comes to coronavirus | Doncaster Council Doncaster Council @MyDoncaster November 1970, officials Oregon, USA decided blow up rotting whale carcass whole thing went horribly wrong. Why do bring this up? Well, this story can teach us 3 things about #coronavirus

Whale Explosion Thread is a Lesson in Listening to Experts

Don't explode a whale and listen to smart people who tell you not to.
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People being mean, selfish and trashy | NEWGATE Tarmerrwe SUPERMARKETS Fury as stockpilers throw away mountains food bought panic-buyer supermarket frenzy | policeman standing beside a man selling toilet paper $30 for a 12 pack on a makeshift table

Garbage Moments that Belong on Trash Island

Trashiness can arise from anywhere.
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A collection of cursed food images that look utterly gross | lime irony time Bottled jelly salad CEO Chicken Fingers Why its wonderful homie #mealprep CEO Chicken FingersPlease don't eat willy its wonderful homie | made this D&D, no one ate except Canned oyster, stuffed green olive, peas and carrots, dried kiwi, spam, and spray cheez garnish.

Cursed Food Created In The Underworld's Kitchen

Disgusting, wonderful.
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Weird and wtf cursed images that feel uncomfortable | cat wearing a baby doll's face mask over its head | sunny side up egg surrounded by sardines and banana slices arranged in a circle

Weird Cursed Images to Feel Uncomfortable About

Time to feel strange.
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