An employee counteracts testy customers by pretending to get fired from his job.

Employee Counteracts Rude Customers By Pretending To Get Fired

A highly effective strategy.
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A new neighbor says that the driveway can't be shared anymore, so he ends up with an even tinier driveway.

New Neighbor Says Driveway Can't Be Shared Anymore, Ends Up With Tiny Driveway

Oh Mike, he had it coming.
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An entitled coworker gets her rightful comeuppance at the office potluck.

Entitled Coworker Gets Her Comeuppance At Office Potluck

Susan was playing with fire.
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A choosing beggar agrees on a price, tries to change it, and then gets a solid reality check.

Choosing Beggar Agrees On Price, Tries To Change It, Reality Check Ensues

They had it coming.
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A self-important Karen makes a tech support employee drive out for an easy fix, so the tech support employee quits.

Self-Important Karen Makes Tech Support Drive Out For Easy Fix, Tech Support Quits

Completely understandable deep frustration.
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A choosy beggar doesn't understand how charities works, and then proceeds to lash out about it.

Choosy Beggar Doesn't Understand How Charities Work, Lashes Out

Wow man, get out of here with that noise.
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Woman tells her neighbors to stop talking in their garden, and then proceeds to get called out.

Woman Tells Neighbors To Stop Talking In Their Garden, Gets Called Out

Get a load of this neighbor.
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Husband cheaps out on a hotel room for him and his wife, she freaks out, and then learns the truth.

Husband Cheaps Out On Hotel Room, Doesn't Tell Wife, Drama Ensues

Bet the $40 seemed worth it in hindsight.
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A choosing beggar ends up rudely rejecting a free car offer.

Choosy Beggar Rudely Rejects Free Car Offer

You've got to be kidding me with this.
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A stranger wants a custom wedding order as a gift.

Entitled Stranger Expects Custom Wedding Order As A Gift

Just a tad bit delusional.
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A choosy beggar attempts to severely lowball a wedding caterer, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Tries To Severely Lowball Wedding Caterer

Enough with all of that cheap talk.
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A dense choosing beggar won't grasp the meaning of rejection.

Dense Choosy Beggar Won't Grasp Meaning Of Rejection

Keep up, my dude.
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An entitled mom pitches a fit after not being given a free tie-dye shirt.

Camper Karen Expects Free Tie-Dye Shirt, Gets Denied, Has Temper Tantrum

The entitled mom needed the reality check.
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A collection of giveaways that someone's a rich and snobby person.

Giveaways That People Are Rich Pricks

We've all met one of these fine folks.
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A choosing beggar tries to haggle over an artist's reasonable pricing, gets rejected, and then turns mean.

Choosing Beggar Tries To Haggle Over Artist's Pricing, Gets Rejected, Turns Nasty

The "no wait" at the end though.
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entitlement FAIL ridiculous karen Reality Check - 107013889

British Karen Tries To Get Free Food, Gets Reality Checked Instead

The entitlement was off the charts.
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