Teachers describe most unexpected excuses they received from students | kindsoberfullydressd 5h got opposite story teacher lost my homework he marked as he left his shed and got eaten by slugs. He did show slug eaten paper, and gave full marks so wasn't all bad! Reply

Wildest Reasons Students Didn't Complete Assignments

Can't go wrong with the "dog ate the homework" excuse.
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A Twitter thread about a guy's classmate teaching him lesson in selflessness | Thomas McFall @thomas_mcfall Hey guys knowl usually just post shitty jokes on my Twitter but bear with because wanted share something

Guy's Classmate Teaches Him Lesson In Selflessness

Too sweet.
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A texting exchange about how things worked before emails were around | did any college work before email? Like did do? If class were cancelled, or there mistake on homework

Kid Can't Understand Life Before Emails Were Around

Oh, how the times have changed.
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Student's business project with Super Smash Bros spirals out of control and they get suspended | TIFU By starting an illegal money laundering and gambling ring at my highschool. This all started my second last year highschool FU happened towards end semester. Just an FYI, at time never knew gambling outside casinos illegal.

Student's Super Smash Bros Business Project Spirals Out Of Control

They didn't foresee the suspension.
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Students end up getting their just deserts for messing with a teacher's plants | r/ProRevenge Join u/Zeldaspellfactory 1y Just Desserts Destroying Teachers' Plants This happened my father, not find rather funny and definitely ProRevenge. My father teacher. He taught several subjects during his career, and spent last fifteen years teaching science. He spent most his career teaching more difficult students. One year teachers were all upset because students kept killing their plants by ripping off

Students Mess With Teacher's Plants, Teacher Takes Pro Revenge

Don't mess with the plants, kids.
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A Twitter thread about a student looking up their impactful teacher on Twitter | Raifa Rafiq @RaifaRafiq OMFG! Guys. There literally teacher at school who loved so dearly (English teacher she left year 10) and don't even know why but randomly decided do internet stalkies because l've always wanted find her and thank her because gosh l love her.

Twitter Thread: Student Finds Life Changing Teacher On Twitter

The good teachers really make a difference.
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A Twitter thread about a teacher handling a non English speaking student | As formerly non-English speaking immigrant, here is story cherish s 1997 just moved Korea Los Angeles area took regular English courses Korea, and good enough get out ESL classes and into regular 10th grade classes.

Twitter Thread: English Teacher Meets Foreign Student With Understanding

A little push can go a long way!
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Students prank their teacher, and the teacher ends up having the last laugh | r/ProRevenge mikebwn_80 Students pranked had last laugh spent about 10 years teaching high school humanities at small private school my first two years didn't have classroom, just small office would bring needed each class on cart and go room room, depending on which teacher had prep at any given time. This incredibly inconvenient and, not being most organized teachers begin with, made things difficult keep

Wholesome Revenge: Students Prank Teacher, Teacher Has Last Laugh

Wholesome revenge is the way to go.
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Teachers share the best excuses they got that ended up being true | reddit posted by Fortisvol Told he got pulled over by cops wobbly driving on his bike and they thought he drunk. Turned out he just dodging all slugs on street.

Best Excuses Teachers Got That Turned Out True

These excuses defied what teachers thought was possible.
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Lord Of Rings speech during lecture

Student's Lord Of Rings Speech Met With Deafening Silence

Dude should get an automatic A.
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A professor turns into a complete nightmare so the dean intervenes, and saves the day | r/ProRevenge u/handcraftedcandy 10h Join Last minute professor turns into nightmare make sure she never has job there again. About 10 years ago attending local community College my Associates Fine Arts retrospect dumb do so after economy had tanked 2008 recession but digress my second year during first semester one class had take advance and be on track graduate on time Drawing II this class suppose learn

Professor Turns Into Total Nightmare, Dean Saves The Day

Sometimes the teacher gets schooled.
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Teacher rejects a mom's request to separate her daughter from a poor classmate | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/blueuglydolls 22h Aita telling mom she doesn't make rules my classroom? Not hole First year teaching (second grade) l'll try make this quick. So let's call two girls Hannah and kelly. Now Hannah's mom is on PTA, very involved s clear they have money, and overall her kid is great. Now noticed Hannah's mom being really hovery over her classroom she would volunteer but whatever nothing crazy

Teacher Rejects Mom's Request To Separate Daughter From Poor Classmate

Oh, no, no, no.
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Students describe their best "forgot to turn off the mic" moments while on Zoom calls | daemare 23h 2 Awards had defend my thesis over Zoom and many professors came into call watch. My thesis about immune response fish parasites. One professor joined late and forgot mute her mic and got treated this little gem Shhhh. Mommy is learning about fish parasites, which is get if don't stop peeing koi pond.

Best "Forgot To Turn Off The Mic" Stories From Students On Zoom

Good old Zoom fails.
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A funny Tumblr thread about hilariously dramatic mishaps in drama club | lucasbieneke Apparently my director went see production West Side Story few years ago, and guy playing Chino forgot his gun before coming out his final scene. Once got big scene where he is supposed shoot Tony, he screeched "Poison Boots" and kicked actor playing Tony until he went down girl playing Maria then had jerk shoe off Chino's foot, and had do gunshot scene asking many kicks Chino many kicks, and one kick left

Tumblr Thread: Hilariously Dramatic Mishaps In Drama Club

This is pure gold.
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A mean teacher won't believe student, so student takes revenge by reading all the books | r/ProRevenge u/Anonamaton 2y Join 3 Yes, Mrs. Smith can F*CKING read. Hello all! l'm not sure pro my fifth grader ass but this miserable 6-year-period my education still kinda pisses off, even today. Please forgive necessary backstory don't know why, but some reason teachers and administrators who ran my strict Catholic elementary school decided lying about my reading/writing abilities.

Mean Teacher Won't Believe Student, Student Proves Teacher Wrong

Feel kind of bad for Cathy though.
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The dumbest reasons that kids told on their classmates | morales52904 1d Apparently rolled my eyes at someone kindergarten across room kid so fact they caught looking at ceiling and made about them astonished. On top couldn't even defend myself because had no clue rolling one's eyes even meant or implied. Reply 95

Silliest Reasons Kids Told On Classmates

Kids just do the darnedest things.
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