Group tries to get student to write paper alone, so a petty revenge ensues | r/pettyrevenge u/Nuckchooking• 2y Join Group leaves write paper by myself. Ok on mobile. Everyone apologizes so here are super petty over really minor things so l've been trying think stories share. So assuming this is well received have about 100 other stories tell. TL;dr: Group left write paper by myself so threw them under bus.

Group Tries To Get Student To Write Paper Alone, Student Takes Revenge

Serves them right.
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College professors describe the most unbelievably dumb things that their students did.

Professors Share Most Unbelievably Dumb Things Students Did

So hopelessly lost.
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A collection of the dumbest rules that people's schools enforced.

Dumbest Rules People's Schools Enforced

Rules are very dumb sometimes.
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A collection of yearbook quotes from humorous students.

Humorous Yearbook Quotes That Echoed Into Eternity

A+ for creativity.
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Gnarly red flags that students noticed in their classes.

Red Flags Students Noticed With Terrible Classes

Sometimes you've got to peace out.
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Professor wants Chrome installed on their computer, gets Chrome installed, still asks for Chrome.

IT Guy Assumes Professor Understands Technology, Professor Proves Otherwise

Come on, Prof.
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Nathan Fielder reads professor reviews

Nathan Fielder Reads UW Professor's Reviews

That screen share though.
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Teacher describes the time that their students started worshipping a stuffed octopus | myathesleepyoctopus Wait take back cant believe forgot about time brought small stuffed octopus as class mascot because why tf not class high schoolers and didnt imagine theyd actually care much, but one student snuck snack and gave octopus as tribute. Which led other students doing same thing, until every day there pile offerings Fweej Overseer, mostly consisting things like string cheeses and small bags chip

Tumblr Thread: Teacher's Stuffed Animal Gains Cult Following

Kids are weird.
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Student's group project teammates won't help out, so a pro revenge ensues. | r/ProRevenge Join u/Starting TOSAV 3h Make Do All Science Fair Project Throw Under metaphorical) Bus! So this is bit read, Perdóname. Also tried posting this on PettyRevenge, but didn't work so, please tell if did petty or Pro revenge here: Cast Pathological Liar Sheep Boy Amazing Teacher as StartingToSAV

Student's Group Project Teammates Won't Help, Pro Revenge Ensues

Group projects are the worst.
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A Tumblr user commemorates their Physics professor with a purely wholesome post. | Reasons my new physics prof is adorable kaijuno on first day class he brought his favorite toy truck he child is Argentina and has cute accent and sometimes speaks Spanish on accident teaches us Spanish phrases fun very tall and awkward and has super curly hair falls into his face constantly giggles at his own jokes on second day class he showed us pictures his cat eating salami cat's name is Pants saw his

Tumblr User Commemorates Physics Professor With Purely Wholesome Post

It's too wholesome for this world.
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funny history memes | caveman eats berry and dies agony other cavemen be like Write down, write down! Spongebob and Patrick | nuclear blast 0330 wooden desk Kids during Cold War Spider man stopping a train

History Memes That Are Better Than Book Learning

At least they're more fun.
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Craziest excuses from students that ended up being true. | kajigleta 11h Showed up late college final because his neighbor's apartment on fire. He smelled like fire smoke so gave him an extension on time limit.

Craziest Excuses From Students That Ended Up Being True

Dogs have a real appetite for homework.
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kid faints during spelling bee contest but wins anyway

Kid Faints In Middle Of National Spelling Bee, Gets Up, Spells Word Right

What a champion.
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An entitled dude demands a textbook and doesn't ever realize that he's the problem. | Hey, just quick question, do have book out library?

Entitled Man Demands Textbook, Has No Idea He's The Problem

The cluelessness is astounding.
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Professor insists that student puts lengthy essay on one page, so student complies. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Lunatic976 5d 10 3 6 3 4 8 3 1 need long essay on SINGLE page Yes, ma'am. M college sophomore had this professor, Mrs. Wang Religion Studies who would act like her subject should be our top priority. Although came different majors, Religion Studies is just filler subject needed students this Catholic college.

Professor Insists On Lengthy Essay Being On One Page, Students Comply

Tough luck, teach.
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Tumblr user shares effective strategy to avoid folks namedropping fancy colleges. |  v-ne V_sugarbaby met bunch guys Harvard yesterday and kept pretending like never heard school just piss them them legit turned red said Harvard? Is like local community college LMAO00000 Harvard? Never heard her

Tumblr Thread: Strategy To Avoid People Namedropping Fancy Colleges

Never know when it might come in handy.
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