Student writes a joke essay about flat earth, and the school takes it way too seriously. | r/tifu Join u/Ausome_Face 22h 1 E 1 TIFU by making my school think flat- Earther and causing an anti-flat-Earth program be put into freshman science curriculum M This actually happened two years ago, but change curriculum came into effect yesterday. Two years ago sophomore high school assigned persuasive essay on whatever topic chose had include cited research my honors English class decided would be fun

Student Writes Joke Essay About Flat Earth, School Takes It Seriously

Must've been some great writing.
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funny memes about history | Greek culture Romans Jared Leto wearing a green coat from a fashion show | King: dies His eldest son: sarcastically surprised Kirk wearing a crown

History Memes That Are As Good As Books Probably

Yeah, educational.
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cool physics teachers professors crazy experiments in class

Compilation Of Crazy Cool Physics Professor's Shenanigans

Bill Nye who?
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A quick Tumblr post about the ridiculous things that high schoolers say | WR writtenrain Follow Shit l've Heard High Schoolers Say Why stop at capitalism? Destroy everything. Guys 's been three weeks since l've eaten vegetable At least have memes dull pain existence An AP student: Oh my god thought seven less than six

Quick Tumblr Post On Ridiculous High Schooler Sayings

Those high schoolers say the darnedest things.
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Teacher's expert opinion ends up getting disproven | r/MaliciousCompliance u/ADrunkenScott 44d Join 1 17 9 3 5 My teacher called my work bad and my attitude even worse then got featured biggest art gallery country. L might not be right sub, my art teacher said wasn't good enough so worked my damn hardest prove him wrong is summary. Context:

Teacher's "Expert" Opinion Gets Gloriously Disproven

Teacher got schooled.
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Girl asks her classmate for notes, gets rejected, and then has total meltdown | exam 3 notes sorry? W are gonna send notes exam three Hey, sorry don't really have notes this unit learned most this stuff already my other bio classes get already know but why does mean don't get notes W doesn't seem very fair

Choosing Beggar Asks For Classmate's Notes, Gets Rejected, Has Meltdown

No, no, and more no.
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A quick Tumblr thread about college professors with max chill | stimman3000 Follow Subject: make up assignment whats poppin carolina can get an assignment my 20% back. also im la do want anything thats like under $20 there thanks, alex

Quick Tumblr Thread Of Professors With Max Chill

Oh, to have had one of these teachers.
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Modeling for art can end up being a cold business | askfordoodles #this ain't some avant-garde titanic poly romance 's bunch individual sinking ships and one uncaring human-shaped ice burg branch-and-root ice burg being frozen solid because there are NEVER ENOUGH SPACE HEATERS. angryfishtrap an artist's model uni since paid better than any other student work position. Did life drawing class one semester, despite being an unheated old building winter evenings, because instructor decent fellow

Tumblr Thread: Modeling For Art Is A Cold Business

Suffer for your art.
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An understanding physics professor calmly dismantles the flat earthers | Let's say don't believe world is round can one prove world is round Pedro Teles, PhD Physics, University Porto Updated Wed Buy ticket Paris. Say arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport. Take RER B Gare du Nord. At Gare du Nord, switch RER metro and take line 4, direction Mairie de Montrouge. Get off at station Réaumur- Sébastopol ll now be on Boulevard Sébastopol, take left or right, depending on where exit

Patient Physics Professor Calmly Dismantles Flat Earthers

Checkmate, flat earthers.
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A music teacher gets mad at their deaf student for not being able to hear | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/NotDaggier Music teacher gets mad at not being able hear her (Im deaf) L Hi, my first post on Reddit, so please excuse any formatting mistakes/any other mistakes. Obligatory statement l'm on mobile yada yada yada TL:DR at bottom lazy cows /s So this happened couple years ago fresh at high school year 7 grade 11 year olds international peeps One important thing note with is l'm

Music Teacher Gets Mad At Deaf Student For Not Hearing, Embarrasses Herself

Awkward, for sure.
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students that passed exam get to shave teacher's head

Students Score Well On Test, Cut Teacher's Hair As Prize

This teacher deserves his own prize.
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the simpsons iconic moment bart fails a test

Bart Simpson Fails His Test

Painfully relatable.
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Teachers describe most unexpected excuses they received from students | kindsoberfullydressd 5h got opposite story teacher lost my homework he marked as he left his shed and got eaten by slugs. He did show slug eaten paper, and gave full marks so wasn't all bad! Reply

Wildest Reasons Students Didn't Complete Assignments

Can't go wrong with the "dog ate the homework" excuse.
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A Twitter thread about a guy's classmate teaching him lesson in selflessness | Thomas McFall @thomas_mcfall Hey guys knowl usually just post shitty jokes on my Twitter but bear with because wanted share something

Guy's Classmate Teaches Him Lesson In Selflessness

Too sweet.
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A texting exchange about how things worked before emails were around | did any college work before email? Like did do? If class were cancelled, or there mistake on homework

Kid Can't Understand Life Before Emails Were Around

Oh, how the times have changed.
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Student's business project with Super Smash Bros spirals out of control and they get suspended | TIFU By starting an illegal money laundering and gambling ring at my highschool. This all started my second last year highschool FU happened towards end semester. Just an FYI, at time never knew gambling outside casinos illegal.

Student's Super Smash Bros Business Project Spirals Out Of Control

They didn't foresee the suspension.
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