People describe things that school taught them that ended up being false | ABronawithCorona 19h body cannot produce new nerve/brain cells. Turns out neurogenesis is very real phenomenon. Btw taught body cannot make new nervous cells this year my senior Human Anatomy class, long after neurogenesis discovered.

AskReddit Thread: False Things That School Taught Us

School can be deceiving.
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People describe the funniest things they ever saw at school | Habfier25 15h My friend asked go bathroom, and teacher responded with don't know, can And he said don't know, can settle divorce By way, he couldn't settle )

AskReddit Thread: Funniest Things People Saw At School

Students just do the darnedest things.
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Student does 60% of the group project, they try to cut them out, and they end up failing | r/ProRevenge u/saria19 1y JOIN 1 3 1 Group attempted cut out after did about 60 work. They failed. This happened about 12 years ago while studying Aeronautical Engineering. Due some money- grubbing legislation tactics, most who have gone college know about unnecessary courses are tacked onto degrees order graduate. One those courses my degree Business class (seriously think these guys would understand most

Student Does 60% Of Group Project, Group Tries To Cut Student Out

Group projects can be a disaster.
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People describe the most blatant cases of favoritism that they've witnessed | RRuruurrr 23h One my classmates always got better scores on comparable essays high school literature class suggested favoritism so decided write each other's papers see happened. Our study found no matter who wrote paper, if turned got worse grade than if she turned

Most Blatant Cases Of Favoritism People Witnessed

Come on.
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math lesson in half life virtual reality coronavirus quarantine

Math Teacher Delivers Remote Video Lesson In Half-Life: Alyx

We're in the new age now.
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Twitter thread from a guy on what his school's incident was | tweet by Dean Lines @deanlines like 14 and few mates would "wag" French class and hide out soundproof drum room until lunch time. This went on few weeks one day discovered trap door" beneath carpet tiled floor under drum kit course opened trap door spur moment @spur_of Omg gotta know ASKINcuuit 8h incident high

Twitter Thread: Students Discover Trap Door, Chaos In Tunnels Ensues

Of course all the students wanted to play in the tunnels.
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Funniest moments that have occurred in online classes so far | countrycider 13h Had seminar this afternoon joined Zoom meeting see my Oxbridge-educated, world- leading-expert professor lying horizontally bed s Master's course and some reason image him giving utterly zero fucks just killed .

Funniest Moments In Online Classes So Far

People can act like animals when they think the webcam is off.
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Teacher takes revenge on students that keep messing with group members | Keep screwing over group members? This teacher is tired shit. TLDR group seniors spend all year fucking over their classmates so teacher) wreck their final semester. This is my first post ever, and reasons will soon become obvious, this channel speaks depths my soul s also very long one because want delight my destruction particular flavor this revenge comes fact everything goes down is result domino effect leaves

Seniors Slack Off, Group Members Suffer, Teacher Takes Poetic Revenge

What a beautifully written tale of delicious revenge.
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Tutor maliciously targets some students, so they form an army for a revenge | r/ProRevenge posted by Theraria Tutor maliciously targeted students, so collected an army, and took him down not one revenge personally but this is something happened College (UK college) and 's something and friends love reminisce over time time.

Tutor Maliciously Targets Students, An Army Forms

Good for the students.
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Guy intentionally puts the wrong answers on his test to get a cheating bully to fail | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/mountaintrekker 6h Threaten beat up my roommate, enjoy failing class During my second year college lived with 3 friends house had another 4 other guys living on other side house two sides house had lot mutual friends as my roommates had known them high school. So had tons parties together during year and got along pretty good until few months before final exams.

Loyal Friend Tricks Cheating Bully Into Failing Test

He intentionally put on the wrong answers to get the bully to fail.
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Student fakes a flat tire so that their lazy classmates fail the group project | Faked proof had flat tire so lazy people my group project would have do presentation themselves therefore likely will fail class where group research project/ presentation is huge chunk overall points. Everyone knows group projects always have one slacker who doesn't do anything have compensate However got stuck with possibly worst 3 people be project with class.

Student Fakes Flat Tire, Lazy Classmates In Group Project Fail

A+ revenge by this student.
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actor hugh jackman former teacher recognizes student during red carpet interview

Wholesome Moment Hugh Jackman Recognizes Student He Taught

What a wonderful moment of wholesome goodness.
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math video educational ancient mathematics mathematician explains multiplying multiplication

Mathematician Explains Ancient Multiplication In Fascinating Way

This guy's enjoyable to listen to.
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People describe bad grades that they thought would ruin their lives, but didn't | tweet by Roger @iamtherog Elementary School had straight As all 4 years except Penmanship and missed out on getting President's Educational Award because devastated. Now I don't even know if people learn cursive anymore. pic of a red apple on top of a closed book

Bad Grades People Thought Would Ruin Their Lives

A thread that can really put things in perspective.
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People describe awkward moments from their high school reunions | reddit post deleted 2y Nothing. And by nothing mean awkward feeling at being one twelve who showed up.

People's Awkward Moments At High School Reunions

Almost as awkward as high school was.
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Classmates try to copy a student's essay, so they take a revenge by writing a fake one | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/thepolarswedish 1h get half class fail an essay know this is something people have done before, but really played this out well and cant believe my mates were dumb enough fall this.

Classmates Try To Copy Student's Essay, Student Revenges With Fake One

They couldn't even cheat correctly.
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