People describe the worst field trips that they ever went on | HitherFriendly 17h Trip fort had look bus since they wouldn't allow us and went back school. Reply 289

Worst Field Trips People Ever Went On

Hard pass on the canoe museum.
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A quick and funny Tumblr thread about kids worshipping a stuffed octopus | ralsalot not teacher (yet) but do work with students and one them had nerve look dead eye and ask why would be bad idea eat this entire marker They're 11 official-lyzzystardust An 4th grader asked high five by saying little slappy make daddy happy?"

Tumblr Post: Kids Worship Teacher's Stuffed Octopus

Kids just do the silliest things.
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A collection of the funniest reviews that students left for teachers | helicopterpurple 12h 's two words long devil Twice got twice. Either two students left or one wanted make sure didn't miss Either way whooped out loud and showed all my friends Understand, most my scores are positive, and do care about my students think and doing right by them. But just hit funny devil Reply 319

Funniest Reviews Students Left For Teachers

Students can be ruthless.
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A dispute over an alarm clock ends up ending a lazy aunt's career | r/ProRevenge Join u/sunnykl 1y 1 Dispute over an alarm clock ends career recent petty revenge story made remember this experience my teenage years, but this one definitely went all way pro. Strap s going be long. tl;dr at end. So, just before my senior year high school turned 18 and bought car with my saved up years babysitting money. l'd have liked one sooner, but my mother absolutely refused. At 18 my big act teenage rebellion

Dispute Over Alarm Clock Ends Entitled Aunt's Career

She sounds like the worst.
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Mean teacher loses students' papers, fails half of the class, and proceeds to get fired | r/ProRevenge u/[deleted 273d JOIN Want fail half class because lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement! So this happened during senior year high school 4 years ago had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or she liked refer herself, Dr. Smith (she didn't have doctorates mean old bat hated anything and everything. She ugly inside and out.

Teacher Loses Students' Papers, Fails Half Of Class, Enjoys Early Retirement

Good riddance.
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An AskReddit thread about the most useless things that students were taught in school | MooPara 6h Math. All highschool math learned pretty much useless and had relearn everything university aware can't really teach some these subjects highschoolers, but then highschool math should teach problem solving and not half-memorising incomplete algorithms. Reply 80

Most Useless Things Students Were Taught In School

So real it hurts.
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A Twitter thread with multiple nostalgic elementary school memories | melina melmadara bringing back weird memories elementary school THREAD running a finger through wall bricks | melina @melmadara static came these blue plastic chair

Twitter Thread: Nostalgic Elementary School Memories

All the throwbacks.
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A quick Quora post on the implications of saying someone is really smart | Why are so many gifted students and adults underachievers? Riley Anderson, lives My Head Answered Feb 8 Misguided praise so smart seems like an innocent compliment, right s not. As gifted child told constantly becomes part identity s makes special s people like about intelligence are only valued if are smart. Now little, school is easy. Especially don't have try at all, and get every question right on every test s because

Quick Quora Post On The Word "Smart"

Failure doesn't count if you don't try.
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Teachers describe the smartest and most creative ways that students cheated | babydragon0 1y S 1 Award My teacher shared with us story about since she allowed eating during her tests, one person pulled out giant bag M&Ms and ate specific color corresponding B/C/D two student duo and they only got caught another student ratted them out. Edit: grammar 18.5k 3

Smartest/Most Creative Ways Students Cheated

Bonus points for thinking outside the box.
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Various things that teachers did that people are still upset about | AnonymouslyRoaster 3d My 6th grade history teacher would clip his toenails class, now have foot phobia. Reply 3.0k

Stunts Teachers Pulled That Still Anger People

Some good old grudges.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to the lies that people were told in college | CalmingVisionary 1d smart and mature people go college No matter college attended, or campus visited and regardless their Alma mater, there are fair amount fools on any campus and any school, and an expected number people still experiencing growing pains adulthood. This isn't say they shouldn't be proud their academic accomplishments or happy about their career prospects. Rather is simply they are by all means defic

Biggest Lies People Heard About College

College is full of surprises.
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Master in animal sciences gets schooled on horses | horses (and horsey creatures certain can get around just fine on 3 legs, no prosthetics needed (depending on which leg is missing just so long as don't ride them 80% sure can't ride them if they've only 3 legs Umm have master's animal science and think must not be anything horse-related. Well gon' learn today! First quick lesson on equine anatomy. They walk on last bone single toe. This is different human which walk on quarter bones our entire

Tumblr Thread: "Master" In Animal Sciences Gets Schooled On Horses

Learn something new everyday.
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Ashton Kutcher graduation speech by principal plagiarized fail

Principal Plagiarizes Entire Graduation Speech

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Teachers describe the moments that they realized kids were gifted | CountPeter 4h used put math joke/puzzle corner white board. Essentially 3 Golden Triangle numbers arranged triangle, and puzzle which gave letter as result middle short an Illuminati joke had this up quite few classes, with nobody being able guess on earth Until last class day student who suffered particularly invasive Autism just came took maybe 3 seconds at most, and then laughed saying "Why have drawn illuminati symbol on boa

Moments Teachers Realized Kids Were Gifted

Pretty fascinating stuff.
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Various people on Twitter describe the moments they started hating school | Leah @ubersle Replying justinboldaji 4th grade answered quiz question do call an animal eats only plants as herbivore. My teacher marked wrong and said vegetarian have taken Supreme Court such my wrath.

Irritating Times Students Encountered Toxic Nonsense

Many students have experienced that moment.
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A quick Tumblr thread appreciates the different perspectives of blind and deaf people | just-shower-thoughts Blind people must save lot on electricity. stomatium They do actually! mauve-moth had blind professor, last semester, and swung through his office make up an exam while

Quick Tumblr Thread Appreciates Different Perspectives

Love this.
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