funny bread memes

Bread Memes to Fall In Loaf With

No more milling about.
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entitled mom tries stealing iPad using kid as excuse

Entitled Mom Steals iPad, Caught When It Starts Dinging In Her Purse

Oh yeah, that.
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funny tweets

40 Humorous Tweets Spawned From The Twitterverse

Here comes the internet.
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bad misspellings

Spelling Failures That Really Missed The Mark

That doesn't mean that.
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boss orders mural painted in rain, work is destroyed and employees leave

Manager Orders Muralists To Paint In The Rain, Destroys Work, Employees Leave Business Gutted

Good one dude.
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employee story of Karen boss who banned hearing aids

Karen Boss Forbids Employee's Use Of Hearing Aids, Employee Can't Hear Anything, Obviously

Who could have guessed? Not Karen.
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people who missed the joke

Utter Goobs Who Missed The Joke By Miles

Seriously dude?
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kids being dumb and weird

25 Instances Of Kids Being The Weirdest And Dumbest People Around

They'll learn someday.
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funny signs

Funny Signs Found In This Big Dumb World

It's some kind of a sign.
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tumblr gems

Random Funny Tumblr Gems To Vibe To Or Not

It's a mixed bag.
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funny times people didn't get jokes

Oblivious People Who Seriously Didn't Get Jokes

Think about it for like, a second.
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funny stupid things people heard someone say

The Dumbest Things People Have Heard Another Human Being Say

"It's french. La va."
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funny tumblr thread about dog that licks doors

Door-Licking Dog Might Be A Genius, Or He Just Likes Licking Doors

If it works, it works.
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man refuses to move his hand on bus seat, so pregnant woman sits on his hand

Entitled Dude Won't Remove Hand From Bus Seat, Pregnant Lady Just Sits On It

Welcome to the jungle, baby
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funny kids being weird and stupid

Moments That Show Kids Are The Weirdest And Stupidest People Of All

What's their deal?
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funny design fails

Stupid Design Fails That Made Things More Complicated Than They Needed To Be

Maybe choose a different font.
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