funny tumblr thread about dog that licks doors

Door-Licking Dog Might Be A Genius, Or He Just Likes Licking Doors

If it works, it works.
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man refuses to move his hand on bus seat, so pregnant woman sits on his hand

Entitled Dude Won't Remove Hand From Bus Seat, Pregnant Lady Just Sits On It

Welcome to the jungle, baby
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funny kids being weird and stupid

Moments That Show Kids Are The Weirdest And Stupidest People Of All

What's their deal?
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funny design fails

Stupid Design Fails That Made Things More Complicated Than They Needed To Be

Maybe choose a different font.
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funny stupid things people said

Terrifically Stupid Things People Have Heard Someone Say

It's just nonstop.
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spelling mistakes

Spelling Failures That Shouldn't Even Have Been Written Down

Speeling is hard.
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humor jokes humorous lol ridiculous dumb funny tweets funny - 16674821

Funny Tweets From The Crackling, Popping World Of Twitter

It sparks too.
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not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments That Could Use Some Work

It's something.
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funny obvious realizations people had

Terrifically Obvious Realizations People Had Way Too Late In Life

Reality is difficult.
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funny sewage pump truck jokes

The Wonderful Musings Of Sewer Tank Trucks

They aren't the best, but they're a solid number 2.
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sketchy choosing beggar tries paying in exposure and gets rejected

Sketchy Choosing Beggar Offers Pay In Exposure, Gets Treated Like The Clown He Is

Interesting strategy, dude.
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funny tweets from twitter

Funny Tweets From The Wide World Of Twitter

It's big.
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coworker charges expenses to company card in coworker's name, doesn't work out

Devious Woman Tries To Frame Her Coworker With Frivolous Expenses, Justice Is Administered

Welcome, Karma.
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guy demands girl get maternity test to see if she is mother to her baby

Idiot Demands Pregnant Girlfriend Take Maternity Test To See If She's The Mother

Absolutely phenomenal reasoning skills.
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People describe the absolute dumbest things they were paid to do.

Dumbest Things People Were Paid To Do

Love getting paid to do nothing.
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IT guy gets stupid dress code, can't do his job

Absurd Dress Code Makes It So IT Can't Do His Job, Work Piles Up

Gotta love corporate.
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