A picky husband makes the house hunting process a very difficult task, gets called out, and then complains about it.

Picky Husband Makes House Hunting Difficult Task, Gets Called Out, Complains

Seems like a totally necessary call out.
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Man continually violates the HOA rules, gets fined, tells them to leave him alone.

Man Continually Violates HOA Rules, Asks If He's In The Wrong

The HOA can be quite the handful.
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aita pregnancy drama FAIL coworkers ridiculous Reddit - 14185989

Woman Refuses To Cover Pregnant Coworker's Workload, Gets Called Out

Nobody likes tacking on extra work.
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deaf couple has wedding in sign language and mom doesn't want that

Couple Has Wedding In Sign Language, Mom Can't Handle It

Not everyone likes irony.
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Man tells his entitled neighbor off for stealing rain water that he collected.

Man Tells Neighbor Off For Stealing Rain Water He Collected

Just a bit entitled on the part of the neighbor.
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Wife discovers husband sells her sandwiches at work so he can buy fast food.

Husband Sells Wife-Made Sandwiches For Dirty Burger Money

Sounds like they were good sandwiches too.
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Karen ends up shredding employee's leave requests, bites her in the butt.

Karen Shreds Employee's Leave Requests

Karen had it coming.
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bridezilla goes viral over crazy wedding demands and tries to have polygraph test

The Time a Bridezilla Found Out She Went Viral and Had A Meltdown

The legend.
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A wild story about a family's ordeal with a mouse.

Man Catches Mouse Twice, Upsets Cat And Girlfriend, Mouse's Reign Continues

Mouse out there living his best life.
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An entitled grandmother gives away grandkid's clothes, so grandkid gives away grandma's steel utensils. | My entitled grandmother stole my new clothes and exchanged them steel utensils. So gave away her utensils can read more about my grandmother my post history better understand kind person she Indian and my country, till few years ago could get steel utensils door door vendors exchange clothes. This barter system still exists villages and some small towns.

Coldhearted Grandma Steals Granddaughter's Clothes, Pro Revenge Ensues

Grandma crossed the line.
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Girlfriend spends little time on boyfriend's gift, so boyfriend gets sad. | AITA being angry about gift my gf gave Not hole So some months ago my girlfriend and had our 1 year anniversary, and course exchanged gift. She hinted she would have loved ring, nothing too crazy, and got her ring addition big frame with 12 picture one picture every month been together (yes know may sound lame lol sort minimalist and don't really have anything need so she asked if there something l'd like said whatever

Girlfriend Spends Minimal Effort On Boyfriend's Gift, Boyfriend Gets Sad

She outed herself for not being considerate.
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tenant won't give up parking space for handicapped woman | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/itsmyparkingspot 17 hours ago 26 4 33 87 AITA refusing give my parking spot disabled woman live an apartment building comes with 1 spot parking garage. My spot is one closest elevator. 2 weeks ago apartment manager came talk and asked if would be willing give up my spot since disabled woman moving said sure would be happy switch spaces. He said misunderstood he asking give up space garage entirely

Tenant Refuses to Give Up Parking Spot for Disabled Lady

That's an awkward one.
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mother in law rejects new grand kids, leaving them out of family photo album | Posted by u/Aita9190773 1 day ago O 2 3 e18 S 16 E 40 AITA walking out with my girls my MIL excluded them family photo album? Not hole 36-mother two girls (9/5 met my now fiance (38) 2.5 years ago. He's good man, Treats my girls well and loves them. future mother law is generous lady truth be told. His family are respectful and helpful visit them lot. After got engaged pretty much considered this my extended family.

Mother-In-Law Excludes Step-Grandkids From Family Photo Album

And here comes the drama.
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Entitled manipulative son cancels mom's job interview and tries to sell her house so he can live rent free at college | Posted by u/Aita333645__ AITA kicking my son out my house after he cancelled my job interview? Not hole Please hear out first single mom (45 20 year old son (Chris) Chris is college. He studies engineering. Being single mom at young age not easy Despite everything been through. Despite my own family giving up on made sure my son got life he deserves

Manipulative Son Tries To Sell Mom's House, Cancels Her Job Interview

Whoa buddy that's a lot to unpack.
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Bride wants her narcissistic twin sister out of the wedding. | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/twindrama543 10h 2 WIBTA not have sister as maid honor after trying outshine my engagement Sorry bad formatting cell phone and throw away account So my twin and have always had this low key competition going on. She always had be center attention. While growing up just gave up and let happen easier than fighting never got have my accomplishments recognized because she would always have something everyone needed

Bride Wants Narcissistic Twin Sister Out Of Wedding

Seems like it could be understandable.
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Woman ends up calling off her wedding after finding out about her fiancee complaining about wedding dress on Reddit | AITA 38 m telling my fiancee f 27)her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives? sorry on mobile and throwaway as she's redditor are getting married july this year, venue is booked and wedding is pretty much sorted.

Woman Calls Off Wedding After Fiancee Complains About Wedding Dress

Well this guy's decision backfired horribly.
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