concrete worker defies corrupt boss with trucks | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ExcelCrazy 21 hours ago 2 13 e14 3 20 8 12 2 25 Corrupt manager wants reject crucial supplies do as instructed oc L About couple decades ago used work at concrete production plant reputable construction company. Our company, like several other construction companies, were awarded portion larger project large portion land earmarked setting up temporary office buildings and concrete plants different construction

Concrete Worker Battles Corrupt Manager Following His Own Instructions

This employee is slick.
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entitled neighbor won't pay 15 dollars for internet | Yep times are hard understand, hence needing 10:16 PM 15. M Yeah well didn't use much but get paid if have after take my dog back cuz my dogs little bit more important than internet didn't use don't know why got do this yet but is is get 15 can deleted password 9 View all 10:37 PM know don't understand s guess never will guess need start writing

Entitled Neighbor Throws Tantrum Over 15 Dollars

Stress shouldn't be worth 15 bucks.
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Person has vegan wedding meal planned, uncle demands meat | Posted by u/AITAvegwedding AITA serving vegan food at my wedding? My fiance and are getting married June next year both vegans, and although don't judge those who are not vegan wanted serve vegan food at our wedding found vegan caterer sent out invitations added note saying food will be vegan also asked everyone who has any specific dietary requirements let us know note made clear anyone who needed specific

Uncle Can't Handle Vegan Meal At Wedding, Demands Meat Meal

It's one free meal, dude.
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Funny New Zealand bird election drama | biggest-gaudiest-patronuses S biggest-gaudiest-patro recommend keeping an eye on New Zealand news. not bc politics or anything, but bc HILARIOUS DISCOURSE happening over 2020 Bird Year Contest. someone called kiwi Fat Flightless Fuck white-faced heron accused racism, voter fraud is rampant

Tumblr Thread: New Zealand's Bird Election Was a Mess

It's a betrayal of bird-based democracy.
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Woman uses candy to get her cousin's kids under control | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/throwawayAAAAAHHHHH 15 hours ago 24 12 14 3 14 4 AITA keeping my promise training her kids like dogs if/ my cousin dumps them on sorry if title isn't accurate can't think another description describe training My cousin Amy (25F) has (6M) twins and has nasty habit dumping them onto relatives babysit entire day without any warning or regard their time 27F have very strained relationship with her but because my

Woman Trains Cousin's Terrible Kids like Dogs

She never said she was a babysitter.
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Funny twitter thread about work shrimp thief | Zak Toscani @zaktoscani Replying zaktoscani Case facts: Lunch fridge less than an hour before vanished. No shrimp smell remnants microwave or kitchen area. This professional hit no doubt 8:24 PM Mar 29, 2018 50.1K Q 3,471 people are talking about this

Twitter Thread: The Cold-Blooded Office Shrimp Thief

Who knew office shrimp burglary could be so riveting.
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Employee doubles down on spelling of hamster as "Hampster" | Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire Jul 12, 2019 Replying CarolBlymire office space near client young woman meeting with her boss. She by my estimation her late 20s. Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire boss (also woman giving her feedback and reviewing edits she had made on something this young woman wrote. 5:21 PM Jul 12, 2019 1.3K 83 people are Tweeting about this Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire Jul 12, 2019 Replying CarolBlymire They had been speaking

Delusional Employee Defends Spelling of "Hampster"

Way to double down.
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A bridezilla Karen ends up looking like a pauper at her own wedding | r/ProRevenge u/forestcabin123k Bridezilla Karen ends up looking like pauper at her own wedding F48) have known "Pat F48 decades. As far as can remember, she fixated on having 5 children and picket fence dream life slowly cut ties with her college because she an opportunist and didn't trust her. She is both manipulative and forceful. Her idea cute rubs wrong way. Pat likes walk like penguin she wants elicit pity, and

Bridezilla Karen Ends Up Looking Like Pauper At Her Own Wedding

Serves that Karen right.
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Fiancé chooses mother over bride at the wedding, and drama ensues | r/AmltheAsshole Join u/Throwaway331097 1d Aita leaving an Uber after my engagement party? Not hole My fiance and got engaged week ago an absolute disaster never wanted party but my fiance's mom insisted, and wanted have engagement party at restuarant is expensive and made my fiance pull money out his saving accaunt buy house just so she could show herself off her family, She: Picked restaurant her choice Invited her whole family

Fiancé Chooses Mother Over Bride At Wedding

What an awkward situation.
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A funny Tumblr thread about hilariously dramatic mishaps in drama club | lucasbieneke Apparently my director went see production West Side Story few years ago, and guy playing Chino forgot his gun before coming out his final scene. Once got big scene where he is supposed shoot Tony, he screeched "Poison Boots" and kicked actor playing Tony until he went down girl playing Maria then had jerk shoe off Chino's foot, and had do gunshot scene asking many kicks Chino many kicks, and one kick left

Tumblr Thread: Hilariously Dramatic Mishaps In Drama Club

This is pure gold.
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Mom discovers her in-laws were secretly pushing religion on her kids | AITA banning my kids my -laws house because they keep forcing their religion on them? Not hole born Saudi Arabia escaped by convincing my parents just wanted visit family Canada, and moment got chance sneaked out my uncle's house and went straight women's shelter. They helped apply asylum am now proud citizen Great White North even got maple leaf tattoo day after paperwork complete never forget first time bit into pulled pork

Mom's In-Laws Secretly Push Religion On Her Kids

Get where Mom is coming from.
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Woman rejects her role as cool aunt cause it's just a ton of free babysitting | AITA rejecting role cool aunt" because really more like unpaid babysitter? Not hole My sister and have always been very different. Growing up, she stereotypical nerdy/geeky girl. Very into sci-fi/fantasy, video games, etc. She bonded lot with my parents over because they are same.

Woman Rejects Role Of Cool Aunt Cause It's Free Babysitting

Seems totally fair.
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A coworker's lunch gets stolen and then an office drama ensues | Zak Toscani Follow @zaktoscani Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they've agreed let him watch security camera tape. This is most excited l've ever been at any job ever. Ever. lunch question shrimp fried rice which means this escalates misdemeanor felony no doubt

Twitter Thread: Coworker's Lunch Gets Stolen, Office Drama Ensues

A remarkably cold blooded individual, indeed.
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A Twitter thread about a girl's Italian family being surprised by a DNA test | buzzfeed owes money f Follow @queenozymandias My uncle on my Italian side got one DNA tests done and turns out they're not Italian and everyone my family is having mental breakdown

Twitter Thread: Italian Family Gets Blindsided By DNA Test

Those DNA tests are deadly.
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Guy's vegan girlfriend demands that he get rid of his cat because cats kill mice | r/relationship_advice Join u/throwRA78wdhsg 9d 1 1 My (22M) vegan girlfriend (21F) wants get rid my cat can't believe l'm about type this but here go been dating my GF 7 months. She's amazing and super compatible lot ways. She is an outspoken vegan, and she made clear at start our relationship important her any potential had similar cruelty-free values already being pescatarian, had little difficulty transitioning

Vegan Girlfriend Demands Man Get Rid Of Cat

An absurd predicament.
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Bride's sister threatens to wear white dress, and gets kicked off bridesmaid duties | AITA kicking my sister out my wedding So my sister (30 F) and 33 F) have always had contentious relationship, and l've never understood why. She has always been condescending and rude She also still lives with my mom and is very close with her. Last year got engaged my fianc 36 M Everyone congratulatory except my sister. Her response wow really trying beat down aisle huh She wasn't dating anyone at time, and

Bride's Sister Threatens To Wear White Dress, Gets Kicked Off Duties

The sister and mom sound like a nightmare.
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