Mom discovers her in-laws were secretly pushing religion on her kids | AITA banning my kids my -laws house because they keep forcing their religion on them? Not hole born Saudi Arabia escaped by convincing my parents just wanted visit family Canada, and moment got chance sneaked out my uncle's house and went straight women's shelter. They helped apply asylum am now proud citizen Great White North even got maple leaf tattoo day after paperwork complete never forget first time bit into pulled pork

Mom's In-Laws Secretly Push Religion On Her Kids

Get where Mom is coming from.
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Woman rejects her role as cool aunt cause it's just a ton of free babysitting | AITA rejecting role cool aunt" because really more like unpaid babysitter? Not hole My sister and have always been very different. Growing up, she stereotypical nerdy/geeky girl. Very into sci-fi/fantasy, video games, etc. She bonded lot with my parents over because they are same.

Woman Rejects Role Of Cool Aunt Cause It's Free Babysitting

Seems totally fair.
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A coworker's lunch gets stolen and then an office drama ensues | Zak Toscani Follow @zaktoscani Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they've agreed let him watch security camera tape. This is most excited l've ever been at any job ever. Ever. lunch question shrimp fried rice which means this escalates misdemeanor felony no doubt

Twitter Thread: Coworker's Lunch Gets Stolen, Office Drama Ensues

A remarkably cold blooded individual, indeed.
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A Twitter thread about a girl's Italian family being surprised by a DNA test | buzzfeed owes money f Follow @queenozymandias My uncle on my Italian side got one DNA tests done and turns out they're not Italian and everyone my family is having mental breakdown

Twitter Thread: Italian Family Gets Blindsided By DNA Test

Those DNA tests are deadly.
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Guy's vegan girlfriend demands that he get rid of his cat because cats kill mice | r/relationship_advice Join u/throwRA78wdhsg 9d 1 1 My (22M) vegan girlfriend (21F) wants get rid my cat can't believe l'm about type this but here go been dating my GF 7 months. She's amazing and super compatible lot ways. She is an outspoken vegan, and she made clear at start our relationship important her any potential had similar cruelty-free values already being pescatarian, had little difficulty transitioning

Vegan Girlfriend Demands Man Get Rid Of Cat

An absurd predicament.
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Bride's sister threatens to wear white dress, and gets kicked off bridesmaid duties | AITA kicking my sister out my wedding So my sister (30 F) and 33 F) have always had contentious relationship, and l've never understood why. She has always been condescending and rude She also still lives with my mom and is very close with her. Last year got engaged my fianc 36 M Everyone congratulatory except my sister. Her response wow really trying beat down aisle huh She wasn't dating anyone at time, and

Bride's Sister Threatens To Wear White Dress, Gets Kicked Off Duties

The sister and mom sound like a nightmare.
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A Twitter thread about a girl discovering surprising truth about her parents | Anya @anyahettich 1d Replying anyahettich So on Monday discussing blood types and this girl trying figure out why her blood type didn't make sense on her Punnett square 27409 O 6,722 Anya @anyahettich 1d She told prof her dad O and her mom but yet she AB 2 27369 5,715 Anya @anyahettich 1d My prof explained s impossible she's confused on blood types or something she even drew out different Punnett squares show her

Twitter Thread: Girl Learns About Blood Types, Family Secret Is Revealed

Oh man, that's tough.
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Best man gets demoted and proceeds to skip friend's wedding | AITA not going wedding after agreeing be best man? Not hole Last year my best childhood friend (28M) asked 28M be best man at his wedding, and happily agreed think process brought us closer together as talked weekly next few months planning logistics and bachelor party worked hard on bachelor party, which far away vacation spent months planning, and lots money found time everyone's schedule and booked an amazing vacation blast his onl

Best Man Gets Demoted, Skips Friend's Wedding

That's not what friends do.
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A cruel aunt gets her just deserts in a dad's awesome revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/daver3k 1y 2 S 2 My aunt is jerk, but gets her just desserts end This is going be bit long one, and while think 's worth or wouldn't be posting keep this as brief as possible those just want tl;dr l'll do my best summarize at end. Back late 1980s my mother Nancy diagnosed with degenerative neurological condition. My father working long hours put roof over our heads and keep my mom seeing best doctors, and eventua

Revenge Of The Week: Cruel Aunt Gets Her Just Deserts

Dad's a saint.
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British comedian tweets out a recap of an intense café drama | Stuart Laws Follow @thisstuartlaws At cafe, empty tables everywhere woman moved all dirty plates and cups her table another another woman is sat at absolutely buzzing about where this is headed.

Twitter Thread: Intense Café Drama Breaks Out

Dirty dishes are no joke.
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Bad father names baby without mother's permission, brother convinces his new woman to name her baby the original mom's name | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/AngelGuideIndi 1 day ago He Ruined My Sister's Only Birth Experience So Made Sure He'd NEVER Forget Her Obligatory apology formatting as on mobile. Kinda my revenge, kinda my sisters, both us really proud. This is gonna be long so TL;DR at bottom. Here's our cast: My sister call her "Sara story Sister's Ex-BF Paul" Ex-BFs New Wife Jane" Ex-BFs Par

Bad Dad Goes Behind Mom's Back to Name Baby, Brother Returns the Favor

It's some kind of justice.
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Woman's family continues to criticize her fiance's income, so she threatens to ban them from wedding | AITA telling my family stay out and my fiancé's financial agreement and if they keep bothering they can't come wedding Not hole So my fiancé and have large wealth discrepancy. My grandparents gave and my sister large amount money they died, and have much higher paying job than him. He works just as hard as he just gets paid less.

Woman's Family Criticizes Fiancé's Income

She threatens to ban them from the wedding.
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Vegan stepdaughter can't stand that cat eats meat | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/headachebrewing 20 hours ago AITA telling my stepdaughter she's absolutely under no circumstances allowed switch out my cats food vegan food even though she's losing weight because sight normal cat food makes her sick? Not hole Sorry appalling title. My stepdaughter is living with my husband and next year. Shes an educated young professional who's saving up buy her own home.

Vegan Stepdaughter Can't Stand that Cat Isn't Vegan

What an interesting argument.
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Employee gets fired before they can quit, so they take revenge on terrible manager | r/ProRevenge u/MrZero10 23h JOIN 2 W 1 Fire before quit ruin life. Since still school took job at bakery types which won't name place has Bread name but also sells overpriced salads and sandwiches worked there close year where had this boss named Betty (not her real name course Betty and didn't get along whatsoever. She had gotten previous general manager quit because she had an affair with him and she threatene

Terrible Manager Gets Fired, Divorced, And Sued For Fraud

She created her own downfall.
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Bridezilla leaves a dishonest review, and the owner proceeds to call out her lies | 1 review month ago Had wedding here last weekend. 1st one ever there beautiful day but none things owner said would be done, were done. No awnings

Bridezilla Leaves Dishonest Review, Owner Responds

What a delight.
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Cheap roommate has excuses whenever the utilities bill is due | Hey utilities last month were $70 and still have be paid apt people. do need do another rent breakdown know said weren't going pay utilities email idk means not going pay 100 one just sent until figure out. But didn't know still owed 70$ sorry No worries!

Roommate Is All Excuses When Utilities Bill Is Due

Time to find a new roommate.
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