tumblr thread explains stupid chicken sandwich reddit drama

Tumblr Explains Burgergate, The Most Unnecessary Chicken Sandwich Drama

The internet is stupid.
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An employee won't donate their vacation hours, and then their coworkers are mean to them.

Employee Doesn't Donate Vacation Hours To Coworker, Gets Called Out

Definitely a shady move by their boss.
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entitled bride doesn't want grooms grandma at wedding

Entitled Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's Grandma At Wedding Because She Isn't Cool

The internet weighed in.
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twitter thread about helping a manager who's involved in an affair with a married woman

Twitter Thread: The Saga Of Covering For The Adulterous Manager

Was that in the job description?
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Son moves his money to a new bank account after his parents threaten to take his.

Son Moves Money To New Bank Account When Parents Said They'd Take It

Definitely a tough call there.
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Woman refuses to attend a bridezilla's wedding and asks if she's in the wrong.

Woman Refuses To Attend Bridezilla's Wedding, Asks If She's In The Wrong

Seems reasonable enough.
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Man kicks his sister-in-law out of the party for bringing a fake service dog with her.

Man Kicks SIL Out Of Party For Bringing Fake Service Dog

She wasn't technically alone for the ride home.
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entitled boyfriend eats cake before birthday starts

Entitled Boyfriend Starts Eating Birthday Cake Before Party Even Happens

Dude, have like a little bit of sense.
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Entitled neighbor demands nutless baklava for allergic wife, gets upset when it doesn't happen

Irrational Neighbor Demands Nutless Baklava

Man, it's like half pistachio.
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pet drama people witness

Intriguing Pet Drama People Have Witnessed

Wow they're just like us.
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mom wants Irish baby name and her mother doesn't like it

Woman Wants Uncommon Baby Name, Mom Not Having It

There are worse names, right?
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neighbors borrow and break chairs, internet weighs in on repayment

Neighbors Borrow Chairs Without Asking, Break Them

Good ol' neighbor drama.
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A picky husband makes the house hunting process a very difficult task, gets called out, and then complains about it.

Picky Husband Makes House Hunting Difficult Task, Gets Called Out, Complains

Seems like a totally necessary call out.
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Man continually violates the HOA rules, gets fined, tells them to leave him alone.

Man Continually Violates HOA Rules, Asks If He's In The Wrong

The HOA can be quite the handful.
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aita pregnancy drama FAIL coworkers ridiculous Reddit - 14185989

Woman Refuses To Cover Pregnant Coworker's Workload, Gets Called Out

Nobody likes tacking on extra work.
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deaf couple has wedding in sign language and mom doesn't want that

Couple Has Wedding In Sign Language, Mom Can't Handle It

Not everyone likes irony.
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