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Catholic Karen Lashes Out at 'Revealing' Photos of a Woman Posing in Her Gala Dress

Her entire knee is showing
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"This crazy lady started to recorded us bc we were “in her space” at a public airport so we did the same. Leading up to this… get this lady some help."

'She went and hid behind the pole': Racist Karen squatting at an airport baggage claim gets epically told off by multiracial mom and daughter team, Internet applauds

What are the laws when it comes to taking up space in a public airport? People are obviously not allowed to just live in one, but there are some who get stranded due to flight cancellations or whatever for several days and end up sleeping on the benches inside. How do you decipher between someone who is simply stuck waiting for the next possible flight to catch, and someone who is squatting in the baggage claim? One thing is for sure, if you are trying to hide out as long as you can in an airpo…
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Desperate Woman Bombards Her Boyfriend Working at Target, Demanding Marriage Immediately

This has some serious Walmart energy
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family drama aita motorcycles drama mother parenting motorcycle Parenting Fail Parenting FAILS - 17847301

Mom Calls the Cops After Husband "Steals" the Motorcycle She Got Her Son For His Birthday

It's rare that a parenting disagreement actually escalates to police involvement in the investigation of theft. At least, I would hope and assume that this is the case, but maybe it happens with a higher degree of frequency than you'd anticipate. This mother describes her son's obsession with motorcycles and automobiles There are a lot of working pieces and ethics to consider when it comes to the inter-workings of this story. First of all, this husband is not the son's biological father, and we…
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family drama aita drama service-worker Kitchen Confidential chef food service family reddit thread Reddit service industry antiwork parenting Horrible Bosses - 17896965

'If you miss even one shift you get demoted': Father/Boss forces son to miss the birth of child

It's never a good thing when an employer forces their employee to miss a significant life event in order to assert their authority over the employee's life and ensure that they never dare to question the importance of their work again. Such instances are dehumanizing and toxically reinforce the bizarre idea that our work is more important than our family and health. It's shocking then to think that a parent could do this to their own child who works for them. Well, that's exactly what happened…
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family drama aita entitled parents drama brother update entitled family brothers entitled people - 17767941

Update: Entitled Parents Play Favorites Older Brother, Dejected Younger Finds Out Why

This is one of those threads where all you can do is think to yourself, “Oof. That's rough, buddy." as you read. Some people had the absolute misfortune of being born into twisted families where the parents were either entirely selfish or just wanted nothing to do with their child. This Redditor had initially posted about six months ago to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit to see if he was wrong for having an issue with the fact that his parents had bought his older brother a car but…
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neighbors parking space drama neighbor-drama terrible-neighbor parking neighbor viral-thread karen text message reddit thread Reddit mildlyinfuriating - 17592581

Viral Thread: Neighbor Leaves Rude Note on Car For Parking in Front of Their House, The Internet is Heavily Divided Over Who is Wrong

An exchange between two neighbors has gone viral after one of the neighbors posted screenshots of their exchange online. Responses to the This thread was posted to r/mildlyinfuriating by Redditor u/kayaniv with the title “Our neighbor doesn't like it if anyone parks on the street in front of their house.” There the thread has earned 16.4k upvotes.
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antiwork drama workplace Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit - 17488133

Manager Has a Meltdown and Fires Guy Over His Two Week Notice, Guy Threatens to Have Company Vehicle Towed

Not the most mature reaction...
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parking-drama neighbors parking space drama Bad Neighbor parking neighbor - 17420293

Bad Neighbors Insist That They Have the Right to Use Family's Parking Spaces

What is it with neighbors and parking drama?
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aita drama in laws mother in law family - 17378309

In-Laws Mock Daughter's Burn Scar, Mad That Their Comments Didn't Go Overlooked

These in-laws ' unkind comments about a girl's burn scars have caused a rift in the family . The poster of the thread explains that he has been dating his fiancée for two years and had spent very little time with her family during that period. He also explains that his daughter has a burn mark on her face that she is very insecure about. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/ AITA (Am I the A** Hole) subreddit by Redditor u/aintnoworries0 who pulled his daughter out of the situation with his fut…
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People discuss the most wild high school rumors that turned out to be true

People Discuss Wild High School Rumors That Actually Turned Out True

High schoolers make up rumors. Sometimes, though, those rumors turn out to be true.
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A mother asks whether she was wrong for how she handled a major family-wide argument but appears to leave out a whole lot of details that would make her look bad

Mom Blames Major Family Blowout On Daughter's Cat, Gets Obliterated In Comments

It's not about the cat...
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pro revenge neighbors drama neighborhood revenge petty revenge neighbor property-dispute property - 17292805

Entitled Neighbors Are Taking Over Your Driveways, Here Are Three Top Stories

What is it with neighbors driveways?
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pregnancy drama ex girlfriend paternity relationships parenting paternity test children - 17278213

Parent Stands Ground When Son's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals She's Pregnant, Demands Paternity Test

That child miiiiiight not be this person's son's kid.
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aita drama siblings family stepsister - 17245189

Wicked Stepsister Threatens to Wear White to Wedding, Surprised When Not Invited

That's one way to ensure you aren't invited.
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mother in law lies about having allergies because she is a picky eater

Mother-In-Law Lies About Allergies For Years, Gets Called Out When She Steals Mousse

Really, lady?
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