neighbors drama relationships karen neighbor malicious compliance - 16464389

Karen Neighbor Reports Damaged Fence, Guy Removes Fence Entirely

That's one way to go on the of-fence-ive.
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boyfriend aita drama brother siblings relationships sister trust fiancee dating betrayal - 16455173

Insane Brother Puts a Hidden Tracking App on His Fiancée's Phone, Sister Wants to Tell Her

Is it worse that her boyfriend is the one helping her brother?
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Woman Dedicates Her Entire TikTok Account to Calling Out Her Creepy Karen Neighbor

Woman Dedicates Her Entire TikTok Account to Calling Out Her Creepy Karen Neighbor Controversy

The woman says she started the account to help her keep record of everything her crazy Karen neighbor is putting her family through. Now, her TikTok viewers are heavily invested in the dramatic saga.
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pro revenge aita drama revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace workplace drama - 16421381

Woman Catches Lunch Thieving Coworker Red-Handed, Puts Him on Blast in Front of Everyone

This guy got his just desserts… but not her lunch.
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insane teens aita entitled parents drama teenagers parenting parents - 16408581

Insane Parents Attempt to Force Oldest Child to Live at Home to Babysit Siblings, Manipulate Her Into Staying

There's your parents being sad you're moving out... and then there's THIS.
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boyfriend aita relationship drama boyfriends relationships dating - 16407301

Jerk Boyfriend Plays "Keep Away" With Girlfriend's $3500 Heirloom Model Ship, Breaks it, Refuses to Pay a Cent

Time for him to walk the plank.
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pro revenge drama pretty revenge revenge family feud family theft - 16397317

Scumbag Family Members Steal Woman's Savings, Deny It, Beaten By Evidence

Imagine your own mother and sister stealing from you.
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aita neighbors scammer drama neighborhood neighbor-drama parenting Bad Neighbor Reddit Parenting Fail neighbor - 16371205

Scummy Scammer Neighbor Has Kids Shovel Woman's Driveway Without Asking, Demands Payment

This mom is teaching a master class in grifting.
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drama siblings stepbrother grandma family estranged Father - 16355333

Irredeemable Schism Forms as Dad Gives Grandma's House to Step-Son While She's Still Breathing, She Disinherits Him

An estranged father. A grandmother whose home had been wrongfully gifted. These two pieces set the stage.
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neighbors drama revenge bad neighbors petty revenge neighbor - 16319493

Heartless New Neighbor Ignites Driveway Feud, Loses and Ends Up With Tiny Driveway

Mike... You are the world's biggest a-hole.
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drama relationships family dating aita dating advice - 15984645

Insane Woman Dates Sister’s Cheating Ex-Husband, Wants to Bring Him On Their Family Vacation, Doesn't See the Issue

How does she think this is ok?
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aita marriage drama wife relationships husband in laws mother in law Reddit - 16309765

Snooping Mother-In-Law Caught in the Act When She Triggers Hidden Glitter Bomb, Feigns Innocence, Plays Victim

You're literally covered in evidence lady. No one believes you.
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aita neighbors drama kids neighborhood parenting lawsuit Reddit parents neighbor - 16298757

Insane Neighbor Insists Homeowner Pays Their Child's Medical Bills After Child Hurts Themselves in Driveway

Maybe have some responsibility for your own children?
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10 reddit text images aita for eating cake hiding from wife and kids | thumbnail grey background, slice of cake bottom right, text "Let me introduce you to a marvelous concept: decoy chocolate. You get your super special treat, you buy a large amount of the cheapest chocolate the partner/kids eat. Throw it at them and while the vultures are distracted inhale your treat."

Tired Dad Caught Eating Slice Of Cake Alone In Car, Wife Fumes At Him For Being 'Dramatic'

Next time, destroy the evidence
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12 text images roommate story boyfriend allergic reaction to honey | thumbnail grey background text "well, yesterday I got back home from work, and my roommate wasn't home. I didn't question it and moved on with my day. A few hours later I heard the front door open, and a few moments later my roommate enters my room and just starts yelling at me say I could've killed her boyfriend and how I am irresponsible"

Roommate's Boyfriend Has Allergic Reaction After Stealing Woman's Leftovers, Ludicrousness Ensues

Good old roommate fun.
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cake aita marriage drama birthday relationships couples dating - 16237573

Wife Makes Husband Promise That He Will Eat His Entire Birthday Cake in One Day, He Does and Gets Insulted

There was just no way that he could win in this scenario.
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