People discuss the most wild high school rumors that turned out to be true

People Discuss Wild High School Rumors That Actually Turned Out True

High schoolers make up rumors. Sometimes, though, those rumors turn out to be true.
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A mother asks whether she was wrong for how she handled a major family-wide argument but appears to leave out a whole lot of details that would make her look bad

Mom Blames Major Family Blowout On Daughter's Cat, Gets Obliterated In Comments

It's not about the cat...
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pro revenge neighbors drama neighborhood revenge petty revenge neighbor property-dispute property - 17292805

Entitled Neighbors Are Taking Over Your Driveways, Here Are Three Top Stories

What is it with neighbors driveways?
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pregnancy drama ex girlfriend paternity relationships parenting paternity test children - 17278213

Parent Stands Ground When Son's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals She's Pregnant, Demands Paternity Test

That child miiiiiight not be this person's son's kid.
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aita drama siblings family stepsister - 17245189

Wicked Stepsister Threatens to Wear White to Wedding, Surprised When Not Invited

That's one way to ensure you aren't invited.
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mother in law lies about having allergies because she is a picky eater

Mother-In-Law Lies About Allergies For Years, Gets Called Out When She Steals Mousse

Really, lady?
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aita marriage drama relationships family - 17228805

Husband Volunteers Wife to Bake Mother's Cake in Presumptuous Birthday Mistake

We're just going to come right out and say it. This one is a definite “ESH” (Everybody Sucks Here.) The husband sucks for volunteering his wife to bake his mother's cake in front of the said mother without checking with his wife first. She also sucks for her reaction, being outwardly rude and instigating further conflict by bringing his relationship with her mother into it. The guy might have been an idiot for volunteering her in the first place but, to his credit, his wife even admits that he…
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aita marriage drama relationships parenting - 17184261

Mom Refuses to Help Around the House, Tells Husband Her Job is More Important Than His

Everyone has different priorities. Some people care about their hobbies, some about sport, and others still about their careers. When we join together and form relationships, these priorities can clash and cause conflict; without careful compromise, concession, and communication, these conflicts can grow and tear the relationship asunder. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the wife, u/workingmomaita, who feels that her husband should be picking up any extra…
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stepmother aita drama family daughter Father - 17168645

Bad Dad Demands Son's Graduation Money Back to Give to His Step-Child

Imagine trading out your own children for the child of your new spouse. That's the kind of cruel reality that is hard to envision, but the reality is that there are those of us out there who have had to experience this very thing. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by Redditor u/Cheap-Tour9949. She explains that her father has repeatedly let her down, and as a result, the two have a “rocky” relationship. After her parents split, he remained a good parent unti…
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Guy's divorced brother keeps making creepy insulting comments about guy's wife, gets kicked out

Divorced Brother Won't Stop Insulting Dude's Wife, He Kicks Him To The Curb

No wonder his marriage didn't work out.
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woman says she must be naked for her mental health, even in front of visiting mother-in-law

Woman Insists On Being Naked In Front Of Visiting Mother-In-Law, Thinks She's Being Reasonable

Wasn't expecting that one.
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aita drama family Reddit - 17075717

Mother Steals Daughter's Inheritance, Uses it to Buy a Sweet New House, Gets Called Out

They're just mad that they got called out.
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aita drama - 655879

Brother-In-Law's Ego Destroyed After He Makes Insensitive Comment About Woman's Leg Hair

If you're going to make comments about other people's physical appearance, anything is fair game.
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aita drama sisters cheating family - 16774405

Pious Sister Tries to Shame "Slutty" Sister at Party, "Slutty" Sister Claps Back, Reveals Infidelity

This woman became the target of her pious sister's cruel remarks at the pious sister's birthday party. The woman and her sister had long been at odds due to differences in values and the sister's resulting righteousness. See, the pious sister was a virgin and very proud of that fact. She and her boyfriend were waiting until marriage to have sex… Or so she thought. This story was posted to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by the woman, u/Swimming-Bird5149, or “Slutty Sister” in the story. She has p…
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people's funny petty work drama stories

People Share Their Current Work Drama That's Tearing The Workplace Apart

That's-a-spicy workplace.
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drama entitled family parents - 16664581

Insane Family Forces Bride to Give Wedding Venue to Pregnant Sister “Because She Needs it More”, Father-In-Law tells them to “F- Off”

This bride was approached by her family, who demanded that she give up her wedding plans to her sister, who “Needs it more” after she fell unexpectedly pregnant. When she declined to answer the demand, her parents began to usurp her bookings and contact her reservations behind her back. This story was shared by Redditor, u/paperweightfairy, to the r/entitledparents subreddit, where it has become one of the highest voted posts of all time for the sub. As you might expect from the name, r/entitle…
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