customers convenience store lol funny trick Video - 107191809

Customer "Wants One From The Back," It's The Same One

We've all experienced this phenomenon.
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story of overworked flight attendant who played a plane crash movie on an airplane

Overworked Flight Attendant Told To Play "Interesting" Movie, Plays Disaster Film

Well she definitely found a riveting one.
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Client demands to have all spam sent to his email | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by TheNerdyMupton want every email addressed arrive at inbox got pal. Just happened, my bosses and are still laughing are small company manage quite few clients

Client Demands Unblocked Spam Filter, Regrets His Decision

Some people don't listen.
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Pet store employee stops Karen from buying a starfish for her kids

Pet Store Employee Stops Karen From Torturing Starfish

No Karen, it's not that easy.
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angry customer gets scolded by owner of restaurant after leaving bad review

Disrespectful Customer Gets Toasted By Owner's Response

Good ol' customers.
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Mistaken Karen berates customer, another customer accuses Karen of being a manager

Savvy Customer Accuses Karen of Being Manager

Ah, the reversal.
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An employee staying late on their last day leaves in the middle of a customer interaction

Employee on Last Day Leaves In Middle of Transaction

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zookeepers share their insider knowledge

Zookeepers Share Their Insider Zoo Knowledge

What other job requires a bachelor's degree to shovel poop? Nursing?
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Customer rudely demands no ice, bartender pours him drink with no cup

Rude Gentleman Demands No Ice, Gets Less Than That

Give the man what he wants and less.
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tattoo artist charges for time spent in bathroom, spends 35 minutes in bathroom

Tattoo Artist Charges For 35 Minutes Spent In The Bathroom

That's kind of a lot, right?
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Guy's washer breaks locking clothes inside, company refuses to pay for clothes unless they see them.

Customer Experiences Logical Paradox of Wet Clothes Stuck In Broken Washer

It's like customer service Kafka.
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Customer demands exactly one pound of cake, gets angry

One Pound Cake Karen Furious After Getting What She Wants

The customer is always wrong.
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Customer wants to complain to the owners of a cafe about an employee's slow cheese cutting abilities | WIBTA if complained owners cafe about long takes their employee cut cheese work an office building which has cafe s not table service go up counter and have choice hot meal, soup or sandwich Owners don't manage as they are catering company supply food morning. They leave Worker deal with distribution paninis and soup.

Customer Wants To Complain About Employee's Cheese Cutting Abilities

Everyone's patience has its limits.
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lazy Karen manager story

Lazy Manager Karen Lets Everything Fall To Pieces

Ah, justice.
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Story of customer dad who wants to use unusable prop go kart | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/N1k1B1kle 1 day ago Guy wanted Go Kart" oc M This happened about 3 years ago worked at an underground go karting area worked as an controller, so sold tickets and controlled races (meaning stopped and started races one busiest Saturday nights rushing around with tickets and controlling races. My Marshalls are running around and trying make sure races run smoothly. This one family comes and bought 2 t

Customer Demands to Use Engine-less Prop Go Kart

He wanted the ones with flames on it.
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Rude customer stiffs a waitress on a large tab, and then poetic karma ensues.

Customer Stiffs Waitress On Large Tab, Poetic Karma Ensues

He ended up being quite unintentionally generous.
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