mortgage company charges stupid convenience fee, customer fights back

Company Charges Nonsensical Convenience Fee, Customer Makes Things Even Less Convenient

Corporate greed never changes.
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customer support customer service idontworkherelady retail customers Reddit karen - 16310277

Enraged Guy Asks to See Retail Worker's Manager, They Don't Actually Work There, Guy Loses His Mind

No, I don't work here and that's not my manager.
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extortion stolen wtf customers criminal lyft phone scam idiots stupid - 16284933

Lyft Driver Tries To Extort Customer For Phone, They're Not Having It

This Lyft customer forgot their phone in the car. It happens,. You'd think that it would be a pretty easy issue to resolve, but that's where things got complicated. In a situation where it could have cost nothing to do the right thing, this guy decided to lie his way into a phone hostage situation. And this person wasn't going to let it happen. For some more scammers not getting what they want, here's the scammer who pretended to be a CEO and then got trolled like mad.
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giant coffee order gets turned into tumblr story

Tumblr Thread: Sullen Caffeine Gremlin Inspires Tale Of Cosmic Horror

It's inhuman!
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customer, customers, entitled, tattoo

Tattoo Studio Owner Puts Entitled Customers in Their Place When They Try to Lodge Complaint Against the 'Young Man' They Spoke to

"Let me speak to your owner."
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customer service waiter customers restaurant lol service story entitled funny karen service industry - 16178181

Entitled Karen Won't Listen To Staff About Rain, Gets Reckoning

The thing about working in the service industry is that customers seem to think they simply know better than you. It doesn't matter if the sky is getting dark or everyone else leaves the patio like rats scuttling from a sinking ship. There's a type of person who just can't be bothered by someone who they think is “below them.” And just such a thing happened here, to the satisfaction of this employee. For another run-in with Karen, here's the useless ex-manager who tried to get an ex employee to…
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customer service malicious compliance customers entitled - 15987461

Guy Abusing Flight Attendant Gets Exactly What He Wanted When He Makes An Issue About Seating

Give this flight attendant a medal.
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Customer returns tons of chicken, makes money off employees | O r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/ShenaniganXD 6 days ago 3 Lady returns 150pcs fried chicken Medium So few years back worked large retail/grocery company. And like most grocery stores have deli section working returns desk, which still fairly new at, and customer rolls up with cart had two cardboard boxes full half eaten fried chicken don't think ever seen much fried chicken before.

Employees Get Bamboozled by Chicken Lady

Oh she got them good.
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gross, funny and bad things restaurant employees did to customers food

The Things Restaurant Employees Have Seen Done To A Customer's Order

Surprisingly, not a lot of spitting.
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man combines burgers against wishes of burger guy, enraging him

Man's Effective and Idiotic Loophole Enrages Burger Guy

"That's not possible!"
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funny boss pops out glass eye to deal with annoying customer | Posted by u/Winiri 10 hours ago 2 O 6 20 3 20 9 E 12 My Boss Scared Off Rude Customers by Literally Taking Closer Look oc M used work at store, run by woman named Irene. She would buy vintage and high end items, repair them, and then sell them store didn't have multiple sizes things and only bulk items bought were little trinkets and soaps, sometimes jewelry.

Boss Uses Eye Gag to Remove Problem Customers

Now that's some stellar management.
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Customer buys personal ranch bottle to spite pizza place owner

Customer Buys Personal Ranch To Spite Pizza Place Owner, Internet Is Remarkably Split

Justice can be a slippery thing.
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customer tries to scam return items saying salads are rotten, gets kicked out of deli

Scheming Rotten Salad Lady Gets Banished From Deli Section

Why do people have to be like this?
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Company won't fix spelling mistake so customer refuses to pay a stranger's bill, gets fixed

Company Won't Correct Misspelled Name So Customer Refuses To Pay, Gets Corrected Instantly

"I refuse to pay the bill of this stranger."
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bad customer asks for sweeter drink, barista makes it too sweet, but customer like it

Barista Gets Revenge With 10 Syrup Pumps, Customer Loves It

Huh. Alright then.
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mom demands refund from artist claiming demonic imagery

Mom Demands Refund From Artist After Discovering "Demonic" Imagery

Sure thing lady.
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