The owner of the restaurant kicked out one of my tables for yelling at me about a receipt

'You’ll be losing our business': Restaurant owner kicks out entitled diners after they berate brand new server

One restaurant owner won't stand for customers who treat his staff poorly, and we wish the world had more leaders like him. U/aaanon5402 had a great story to share with r/TalesFromYourServer. The event happened on their first day of work at a pizza place . It happened to be a busy day, but the OP was handling it well until one cranky couple came in to ruin their shift. The manager's response is perfect here — he manages to protect his server, gaining their respect, and saying good riddance to b…
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'You don't get a refund': Guy exploits returns loophole to get his money back

Some companies have stupid rules, there's just no way about it. Like Gamestop buying a game back for a miniscule percentage of the price they turn around and sell it for… or being told that “You have to wear pants at Target.”
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'I get in my car to drive off but she's standing in front of it': Karen accosts random customer after confusing them for an employee

Mistaking another customer for a worker can be an embarrassing, humbling experience… but not if you're so entitled that you are completely incapable of realizing you've made a mistake. In a thread posted to Reddit's r/IDontWorkHereLady subreddit community by Redditor u/Tactical-Pixie-1864, the original poster shared their tale of being accosted by a wild Karen when they were trying to pick up dinner after a shift. They worked as an EMT and were already at the frayed ends of sanity after their s…
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'I don't have the patience': Entitled Karen customer sends unhinged messages demanding response from retail store during closed hours

This employee works for a retail store with an online presence on eBay.
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Update: 'You should fire us! Ok.': Client suggests ending fifty year relationship with small trucking business, they take their advice and dismantle their client's network

There's a prevalent school of thought that prevails when it comes to client servicing: Do anything (and everything) possible to keep them happy and contracted; having worked in these sectors in the past, upper management never likes seeing a contract cancellation notice pass across their desk, even if that contract was costing the business money. I've seen sales departments signing clients at unserviceable rates—with wildly unfulfillable resource estimates. Why? Because the sales team got a com…
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Ordered pizza for my son's birthday party and was notified that my order was ready for pickup. My husband went to pick it up and was told half the order wasn't actually ready yet. Can we come back for it tomorrow?

'I need the [pizzas] now! The party is today!': Party hosts bewildered by pizza place who can't give them pizzas to feed their guests

A botched pizza order fueled this parent to write to r/TalesFromTheCustomer to share her story — and figure out what to do. U/momnation was just trying to throw a nice birthday party for her son . She preordered what should have been some easy food — pizza. It's a great party food; everybody loves it and ordering it is supposed to be super fast and painless. However, when the OP sent her husband to pick up the order for five pizzas, the pizza joint had some bewildering news to tell him. They di…
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'He smirked [...] we'd have to wait 30 minutes': Smug waiter charges couple for coffee they didn't have and refuses to remove it from their bill, they refuse to leave

Often when we see stories online about customer service people, it's regarding the abuse they receive from customers. But, since service industry workers are people too, it should be expected that there are plenty of examples of the worker themselves being unreasonable or entitled. These stories don't fit the popular narrative, so they often don't get upvoted as frequently, getting shared less overall as a result. It's no surprise to anyone that ‘upscale’ trendy establishments can have a bit of…
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'I unloaded all the rubbish right back on to his driveway' : Customer refuses to pay full amount for rubbish collection, cue petty revenge

'I unloaded all the rubbish right back on to his driveway' : Contractor takes petty revenge on entitled customer in breach of price agreement

As someone offering your services to a customer, you give a price, and the customer tries to bargain said price… that's just how it goes. It's a frustrating, but necessary, part of the job. However, when a customer attempts bargaining AFTER you've completed the work… well, that's a whole different story. After settling on a price, you shouldn't have to deal with someone who refuses to pay that cost. That is what happened to a contractor who collected rubbish for a customer who decided after the…
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We helped bad boss create his own downfall

'Bad boss create[s] his own downfall': Employees stop helping manager, then tell higher-ups what he actually does all day

This boss thought that all management involved was kicking back, relaxing, and letting everyone around him do 100% of the work. His employees pushed back, and made him regret his laziness with their own form of petty revenge. This guy seems like he was living out every salesperson's ideal career. He claimed that after working hard for years, he finally became the “ top salesman ” at a phone store. And now that he'd moved up to management, he planned on doing next to nothing. This seems like a d…
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'I bought a pizza so I could talk to the delivery guy': 15+ Cringe Pizza Delivery Fails

Why does it feel like there's nothing more anxiety-inducing than navigating my interaction with the pizza delivery guy? As it turns out, I can be a fully grown adult with a full-time job and plenty of responsibilities, but I still can't wrap my brain around what to say to the dude in the Dominos cap when he knocks on my door. For starters, there's the impulse to apologize for making him deliver my pizza. Then there's the impulse to pretend like there's someone else home so it doesn't look like…
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'Ma'am these knives are high-end...': Customer gets sharp revenge on rude store clerk when he makes an incorrect assumption about her knife knowledge

A hasty and rude retail worker quickly corrected this woman when she pointed out a pricing error on a chef's knife she was interested in. She relented in revealing the mistake to the worker and ended up with a deal on a great knife. This story was shared to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by u/TIL_eulenspiegel , the woman in the story, where it earned 19k upvotes as of the writing of this post. When she went to the department store, she was greeted by an "older man" who was extremely helpfu…
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'JUST DO THE TEST': Entitled customer gets into fight with technician and goes against advice, fiery compliance ensues

Whoever came up with the saying "the customer is always right" should be seriously questioned. In this instance, we have an intense conflict between a technician and a so-called “engineer” customer. This guy went against the technician's advice several times and insisted that the technician perform what he knew would be a destructive test. The technician shared his story via this thread on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit. He tried to explain to the customer that this was a mistake, eve…
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'It's wasteful': Dillydallying customer demands one—and only one—bag from retail associate, gets their wish

We've said it once, and we'll say it a thousand times: When making a demand from an underpaid retail worker who would probably rather be somewhere—no, anywhere else than standing here listening to you, you'd better choose your words wisely. You might end up with exactly what you wished for—just… not quite how you pictured it. (The monkey's paw curls .) That's what happened in this classic case of malicious compliance, which was shared to the popular Reddit sub of the same name by Redditor u/Lai…
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'AITA for being Karen-ish with retail workers?': Customer flips out on retail workers after they ignore him for a half hour

After being ignored for over a half hour while shopping, this dude had a complete meltdown! While sharing his story to r/AmItheA**hole, this dude made sure to preface his story. He wrote that he's been around service workers his whole life, and worked service industry roles before, so he apparently knows what it's like to be in that line of work. However, he clearly forgot that when he went to a store and got ignored. The first red flag is that the OP thought he'd get great service inside a dea…
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You should fire us!" "Ok." | My family runs a small trucking company. Depending on where you are in the world, you might call us a P&D company, a Final Mile company, a White Glove company... basically we handle the kind of stuff that you might buy to have delivered to your home or business,

Trucking Company Takes Clients Own Advice and Fires Them After Calling Their Bluff

“Why don't you just fire us then.” is an empty threat that you should never make, somewhere along the lines of “If you don't do this I quit” or “Why don't you just leave if you don't like it." When one makes such threats they're saying it thinking they're in a position of power. It's a power move and manipulation tactic to force a subordinate (or someone you otherwise have power over) into reluctantly accepting whatever terms you are proposing. By giving them an “out”, the person in power is ps…
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I'm sick of being screamed at by entitled people that don't get their way.

'They're refusing to seat us!': Crazed customer flips out on waiter after she tries to eat in restaurant that's about to close

Waitstaff have to deal with wild customer interactions constantly, like this woman, who just didn't understand why she had to take her food to go.
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