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Internet Backs Husband Who Denied Coworkers' Demands to Stop His Wife From Putting Notes in His Lunch

This husband's coworkers approached him to ask that he ask his wife to cease a playful ritual that the pair had shared for the past year. When he had been having issues with employment, his wife had started putting notes in his lunch to brighten his day; even after he got through his rough patch, the tradition continued and continued to positively affect his life. His coworkers told him to ask his wife to stop after a new coworker joined the team. The coworker had recently lost his wife and was…
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Girl Takes her Parents to "Karen's Diner' Without Warning Them the Staff is Meant to be Obnoxiously Rude

Girl Takes her Parents to 'Karen's Diner' Without Warning Them the Staff is Meant to be Obnoxiously Rude

For the Karen's and Gentle-Karen's
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People Reveal Things They Learned From Their Jobs That They Will Never Ever Forget| thumbnail text - woman, No matter how I dress, my body will always be 'too distracting for the workplace

People Reveal Things They Learned From Previous Jobs That They Will Never Forget

Some hard pills to swallow
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Entitled Coworker Thinks That Her Leave is More Important Because She Has Kids, Tries to Guilt Trip Coworker Into Giving Her Booked Leave

You're not more important just because you have kids.
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new coworker disagrees with nickname culture

New Hire Explodes On Coworker, Personally Finds Their Nickname "Vulgar And Scary"

Oh here we go.
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Breast Cancer revenge coworkers - 16732165

Jealous Coworker Tries to Get Woman Fired Because of Her Implants, That She Got After a Double Mastectomy, Plan Backfires

This woman found herself targeted by a catty coworker after the coworker discovered that she had breast implants. The woman had gotten them implants at the recommendation of her therapist following a double mastectomy. When the coworker escalated the drama to new heights and tried to get the woman fired from her job, the woman turned the situation around on the coworker. This post stands as one of the highest-rated posts of all time on Reddit's r/ProRevenge subreddit, where it sits with a whopp…
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harassment aita coworkers workplace reddit thread Reddit - 16721157

Guy Sexually Harasses Female Coworker With Inappropriate Texts, She Responds Via Work Email With the Messages Attached

When a coworker targeted this woman with unsolicited texts and harassment, she devised a clever plan to bring him into the light. The thread was posted to the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit this week by the aptly named u/businessbittch with the title “AITA for replying to a coworker's inappropriate texts by work email, and attaching them?” It's hard to imagine a situation where you could be “the asshole” for deftly handling a coworker's inappropriate behavior. Still, her posting of the topic was for…
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My Co-worker brings her dishes in to work so we wash them in the commercial dishwasher and if I see them, I bin them.

Woman Brings Dishes From Home to Trick Others Into Washing Them at Work, Coworker Introduces Dishes to the Bin

Sometimes an inappropriate action deserves the appropriate response; it's the simple laws of cause and effect acting out their parts. This is how it was when u/elena247 's coworker decided to execute the clever ploy of bringing their dirty dishes into work to have others wash them. When u/elena247 discovered what their coworker was up to, they decided the appropriate response was to introduce the dirty dishes to the trash can. Sounds like a reasonable plan to us. This topic was posted to the r/…
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coworker charges expenses to company card in coworker's name, doesn't work out

Devious Woman Tries To Frame Her Coworker With Frivolous Expenses, Justice Is Administered

Welcome, Karma.
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drama revenge coworkers nursing petty revenge petty - 16465669

Awful Coworker Ruins Nurse's Prospects, She Returns the Favor

An eye for an eye.
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great resignation coworkers workplace Horrible Bosses big quit coworker - 16429829

Coworker Tries to Get IT Guy Fired, He Turns the Table On Them With Secret Evidence

Did it not raise red flags that she was involved in multiple harassment cases?
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malicious compliance revenge coworkers workplace entitled workplace drama inanse - 16429061

Temp Tries to Gatekeep Coworker’s Nationality, Spreads Gossip That He’s Lying About Place of Birth

This isn’t even my final form!
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pro revenge aita drama revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace workplace drama - 16421381

Woman Catches Lunch Thieving Coworker Red-Handed, Puts Him on Blast in Front of Everyone

This guy got his just desserts… but not her lunch.
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pro revenge revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace coworker - 16420101

Nutjob Temp Conspires to Get Guy Fired, He Turns the Tables and Sends Her Packing

You've activated my trap card.
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worker takes coworkers job and makes mistake, destroys equipment

Competent Guy's Job Usurped By Unsafe Coworker, Lets Him Dig His Own Grave

It's how the dominoes fall.
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aita coworkers workplace entitled Reddit karen - 16299269

Entitled Karen Coworker Insists Woman's Out of Work Commitments Are Less Important Than Her Children

When you're more important than everyone else.
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