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Woman Refuses To Cover Pregnant Coworker's Workload, Gets Called Out

Nobody likes tacking on extra work.
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Karen ends up shredding employee's leave requests, bites her in the butt.

Karen Shreds Employee's Leave Requests

Karen had it coming.
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Man's coworker calls herself his work wife, and then proceeds to get booted from the baby shower.

Man's Coworker Calls Herself His Work Wife, Gets Booted From Baby Shower

Oh yeah, she had to go.
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A toxic coworker refuses to do her job correctly, so everyone ends up quitting en masse | r/ProRevenge Join u/ftwipftfiy 3y Have fun finding six new receptionists! This is VERY long sorry advance. This story if kind continuation one posted previously on prettyrevenge. TL;DR post, one my coworkers never did her job correctly and had end up picking up her slack. Other employees noticed decided once our boss back vacation speak her about slacking coworker. Our office had rotation eight receptionist

Toxic Coworker Won't Do Job Correctly, Everyone Quits

Marilyn was bringing all the toxic energy.
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Choosing beggar coworker gets pizza revenge | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/anon98199 1 day ago Coworker complains about free pizza So told this belongs here as well. Please enjoy So one my coworkers is huge choosing beggar. Like aggressively choosy point he will bully people who are buying him free things get exactly he wants. This normally doesn't affect as have learned just tell him fuck off course he always complains and pretends like just attacked him out nowhere but 's not point this story

Dude Gets Petty Pizza Revenge on Entitled Coworker

A dish best served cold.
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An entitled coworker can't handle the stresses of a service job | fuck-customers lot them probably wouldn't last at job Last year had an internship at fancy office during day, and food service job at night. One ladies at office told she needed part-time job some extra cash, and let her know about an opening my food service job, described would be expected, all

Tumblr Thread: Entitled Coworker Can't Handle Service Job

Gotta learn at some point.
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Woman doesn't let her coworker wear her engagement ring, so a hissy fit ensues.

Woman Doesn't Let Coworker Wear Engagement Ring, Coworker Gets Offended

You've actually got to be kidding me.
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Woman's coworker uses her sonogram to fool her boyfriend into thinking she's pregnant.

Woman's Coworker Uses Her Sonogram To Fool Boyfriend

Eh, just a little bit too far.
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An exhausted manager leaves many notes for a troublemaking employee.

Fed Up Manager Leaves Many Notes For Troublemaker Employee

Shane's clearly a legend.
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Coworker has total meltdown over her son being served red wine pasta sauce.

Coworker Pitches Fit Over Son Being Served Red Wine Pasta Sauce

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A funny Tumblr post about an office lunch thief.

Coworker Steals Lunches, Gets Called Out In Escalating Notes

Tina went off.
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Woman expects coworker to give her free PTO days, lashes out when rejected.

Woman Expects Coworker To Give Her Free PTO Days, Lashes Out When Rejected

Just a tad bit unreasonable.
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person pranks calls coworker

Coworker Pranks Call Center Employee, Hilarity Ensues

Got him!
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An entitled and incompetent coworker gets what's coming to them. | r/ProRevenge u/JCCR90 12h Join 2 S 2 8 2 Years making, satisfying end entitled co-worker Background m, 30) have been working at private equity fund 7 years now first started member team had been long time accountant (F, 54 no one really questioned why they were there doing junior work. As started doing more and more realized this person never trained or went school accounting (not need basics) but became glaringly clear whenever

Entitled And Incompetent Coworker Gets Rightful Comeuppance

She clearly had to go.
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People share the strange things that their coworkers say on Twitter | tweet by  dead and betty'd @Ur_Eggcellency were having potluck and someone seriously said Next time, let's do salad theme StrangeThingsCoworkersSay

The Strangest Things Coworkers Say

We've all had that one coworker.
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Coworker tosses package away, and unknowingly sets off an emergency life alert. | r/tifu Join u/Dr-Wankenstein 16h TIFU by tossing package M So this happened last week know midst all Christmas chaos work one those delivery companies 's rather well known world wide should also point out my coworkers fault and not mine. Anyway had just finished unloading my truck and depositing my "ground packages" into 's proper bin and taking care my paper work there's commotion coming front station.

Coworker Tosses Package In Bin, Unknowingly Triggers Life Alert

That's a nice whoops.
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