Client hires lousy electrical contractor, they ignore plans, end up having to do more work.

Client Hires Lousy Electrical Contractor, Contractor Ignores Plans, Ends Up With More Work

That contractor got their rightful comeuppance.
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A boss tries to play with employee, so employee engineers their ultimate demise.

Boss Tries To Mess With Employee, Employee Engineers Their Demise

Companies need to value their employees.
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Sales manager hires whole old team and leaves other nasty manager in ruins.

Sales Manager Picks Up Wind Of Other Manager's Nasty Move, Hires Whole Old Sales Team

Love us some good wholesome revenge.
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A boss forces their employee to choose between a demotion or termination, and then asks if they're in the wrong.

Boss Forces Employee To Choose Between Demotion Or Termination, Asks If They're Wrong

Oh boy.
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A lousy boss doesn't like to pay their employees, so they end up being reported to the labor board.

Lousy Boss Doesn't Like To Pay Employees, Gets Reported To Labor Board

That boss had it coming.
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An employee gets sick and then an incompetent manager proceeds to fire them.

Employee Gets Sick, Absolutely Incompetent Manager Fires Them

At least the manager got their own comeuppance.
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customer service job dollar tree company - 107101185

Woman Details Terrible Experience Working For Dollar Tree

Man, this is brutal.
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A company continually demands their password from tech support, tech support can't comply, wild revelation ensues.

Company Continually Demands Password, Tech Support Says No, Wild Revelation Ensues

They got so lucky.
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Hiring managers describe the biggest red flags that they missed during the hiring process.

Red Flags Hiring Managers Missed During The Interview Process

Got to keep a watchful eye out for those red flags.
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People that failed at their dream jobs describe how they made their comebacks.

AskReddit Thread: People's Comebacks After Failing At Their Dream Jobs

All hope isn't necessarily lost.
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An entitled employee asks coworker for free cake, gets denied, issues threats.

Entitled Coworker Demands Free Cake, Gets Denied, Issues Threats

They made themselves look worse than anyone else could've.
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An ex boss accuses someone of reporting him, actually ends up getting reported.

Boss Accuses Ex-Employee Of Reporting Him, Actually Gets Reported

The dude engineered his own demise.
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An incompetent boss totally forgets that an employee quit, and then proceeds to get a reality check.

Incompetent Boss Forgets Employee Quit, Gets Reality Check

Oh, John.
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Guy is told by company that he has to use all his vacation or lose it, so he does and cripples the company | reddit post MaliciousCompliance Posted by -S--R-E-N- Vacation- use or lose Fine. MC coming right up. This is not mine, but my late dad's. He loved telling this story tried typing this story few times here last few months, but couldn't get through am daddy's girl and miss him terribly. He brilliant and wickedly clever sob and hope all enjoy. TLDR at bottom.

Company Forces Employee to Use All His Vacation Days, Incapacitates Company

Hey they told him he had to use them all at once.
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Woman nearly pepper sprays her husband over a twin misunderstanding.

Woman Nearly Pepper Sprays Man Over Twin Misunderstanding

A very close call.
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Tech support employee gets fired and then un-fired on the same day. | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/Blempglorf 3y 1 got fired and un-fired same day. Long r/ALL So this one goes back 99 or so working corporate headquarters very large telco, responsible email system HQ about 1100 users at time. Like all sysadmins at HQ contractor, working through bodyshop outsourcer. My boss guy l'll call S. S site manager outsourcer, and direct manager all contractor sysadmins.

Tech Support Employee Gets Fired And Unfired On Same Day

A day like none other.
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