developer uses bad code and loses all revenue, then doubles down

Pig-Headed Developer Uses His Own Code, Loses 100% Of Company's Revenue

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A company refuses to give an employee a raise, so the employee refuses to do the extra work.

Company Refuses To Give Employee Raise, Employee Refuses To Do Extra Work

Seems fair enough for the employee to not want to do the extra work.
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employee buys train ticket but boss demands they buy a more expensive plane ticket

Employee Buys Train Ticket, Furious Boss Demands They Buy Plane Ticket At 3X The Cost

Hey man, it's your money.
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Company doesn't want to fix security flaw, IT guy shows them what's up. | r/ProRevenge u/ROKexpat 12h Join 3 6 Don't want fix my issue? Well think its time new CTO just want state this issue is going blow some peoples presented nothing short incredible. And fact never had major security breach is astounding truly is. minds security flaw this flaw may ask

Incompetent CTO Refuses To Fix Company's Security Flaw, Revenge Ensues

It's like he wanted the company to get hacked.
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funny honest brands

Redditors Shared Slogans If Brands Were Honest

Sounds about right.
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wholesome tech support story helps woman who didn't have TV box installed for over a year

Wholesome Tech Support Helps Lady Who's Been Brushed Off For A Full Year

Doing the lord's work.
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People describe their most interesting experiences with people being honest on job applications.

Precious Times People Were Shamelessly Honest On Job Applications

Big ups for the honesty.
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An employee's coworker gets mad at them for refusing to work on their first two days of vacation.

Employee's Coworker Gets Mad That They Won't Work While On Vacation

The nerve though.
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Internet service provider proven wrong when they try to access a rural customer

Internet Company Refuses To Cancel Service, Rural Customer Proves Them Wrong

Good old internet service providers. What won't they try?
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A CEO pushes their employee for higher productivity, and it totally backfires for them.

CEO Pushes Employee For More Productivity, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Way to go for this employee.
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man can't move company truck without angering boss, lets it get damaged in hail

Dude Reprimanded For Moving Company Truck, Leaves It In Hail Storm

Hey, that's what they wanted.
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Employee fights back at rude VP of HR by stacking up trivia team.

Accountant Assembles The Avengers Of Trivia Knowledge, Righteous Victory Ensues

Sweet, sweet malicious compliance.
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Man receives a lifetime contract offer from a company, rejects his brother-in-law's offer, he gets upset.

Man Receives Lifetime Contract From Company, Rejects Brother-In-Law's Offer, Drama Ensues

Seems a bit uncalled for.
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An overbearing coworker demands that an employee come in on their day off.

Overbearing Coworker Demands Employee Come In On Day Off

Yeah, that's no good.
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Employee takes a pro revenge on their boss after getting fired for their boss's malfeasance.

Employee Gets Fired For Manager's Malfeasance, Uses Manager's Vices Against Him

That boss had it coming.
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An employee decides to offset their boss' micromanagement by shoving more on their plate.

Employee Bests Micromanaging Boss With Tactical Petty Revenge

A job well done.
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