groups and organizations with cult-like qualities

Things That Seem Like Cults But Aren't Quite Cults

Bow to the infinite order of essential oils.
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A store doesn't want to pay its employees for extra hours, ignores the request, and it backfires terribly.

Store Doesn't Want To Pay Employees For Extra Hours, Ignores Request, Chaos Ensues

They brought that destruction on themselves.
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Man's almost mother in law unrightfully fires him, so he takes a nuclear revenge.

Man Gets Unrightfully Fired By Almost Mother-In-Law, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Oh boy, she got her comeuppance.
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A company screws their employees over on their bonuses, and it backfires terribly for them.

Company Screws Employees Over On Bonuses, Ends Up Being Their Undoing

They should've treated their employees better.
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Temp tries to get employee fired behind their back, fails miserably | r/ProRevenge u/ManElegant 3y temp barely knew actively trying get fired behind my back. Jeeprs this blew up haven't time today but will make my business reply all questions next few days. This happened while ago but decided post today as she rang member office and used threat unfair dismissal claim if she wasn't given good reference. Not sure if belongs here or not. TL:DR An office temp l'd spoken handful times conspires

Temp Tries To Get Employee Fired Behind Their Back

Oh boy, good riddance.
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Man improves company efficiency, gets disbanded, and company learns their lesson. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Clueguy Are sure want get rid my server use daily? Have fun dealing with aftermath (Long) XL TLDR: Guy improves work place efficiency and all is good. New management and corporate policy doesn't like efficient way helping customers so they disband 24 hours later blow back decommissioned software has now affected business negatively. All could have been avoided

Man Improves Company Efficiency, Management Disbands It, Business Takes A Hit

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Company fires their only OHSA certified employee, so the employee reports them | r/ProRevenge Join u/BeagleonBass Fired last job, but got last laugh. Pardon format am on mobile worked at retail chain sold pet supplies and products started working there great, family owned and everyone worked with fantastic owners eventually wanted retire and sold small chain an investment group. Once investment group took over, almost all but few employees were let go, forced out or just

Incompetent Manager Fires Only OSHA Certified Employee, It Backfires

They certainly had the last laugh.
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A collection of stories from people about new hires that absolutely tanked in their first few days.

AskReddit Thread: New Hires That Absolutely Tanked

It's a wonder they got the jobs in the first place.
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A collection of red flags that recruiters and HR find on resumes that show candidates are being dishonest.

Red Flags Recruiters Find On Resumes That Ruin Candidates' Chances

Some folks really roll the dice.
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A company's IT guy misunderstands a bad mouse reference, and then a hilarious fail ensues.

IT Guy Misunderstands Bad Mouse Reference, Fail Ensues

It can happen to the most qualified folks out there.
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story about a company offers 80 cent bonus so employee works less

Company Offers 80 Cent Bonuses, Employee Responds In Kind

Putting the cent in incentive.
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Company takes their employee for granted, so the employee shows their worth.

Company Takes Employee For Granted, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Give a little, get a little.
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company won't accept mortgage payments and jerks customer around until they change companies

Company Won't Accept Mortgage Payments, Tells Customer They've Defaulted

"Shut up and take my money!"
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Entitled customers want bigger glasses for their wine and the bartender maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance wworrall They wanted bigger glass, so he gave them bigger glass. My parents and were on vacation few years back, and hanging out at Hotel bar. This place one those places cheap, but everyone who stayed there thought they were better than everyone else couple (Male Female) walked talking about Nice and quaint bar looked. They sat down at table next us were supposed order

Customers Want Bigger Wine Glasses, Bartender Maliciously Complies

Their entitlement was off the charts.
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Big shot manager tries to straighten out office, everyone ends up hating him, and he gets canned.

Big Shot Manager Tries To Straighten Out Office, Backfires Terribly, Gets Canned

Don't mess with Sandra.
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People describe the absolute best jobs for lazy people.

Best Jobs For Lazy People

Lucky folks, indeed.
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