A Twitter thread where people describe their grievances with working their minimum wage jobs.

Nasty Managers That Drove Their Employees To Madness

A lousy manager can make a bad job that much worse.
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A collection of the biggest red flags that recruiters have seen on resumes.

Biggest Red Flags Recruiters Have Seen On Resumes

Steer clear of these moves.
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A company tries to skip out on paying their employees OT, and it ends up completely backfiring for them.

Company Tries To Skip Out On Paying Employees OT, Completely Backfires

Serves them right.
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A coworker gets his lunch stolen, so they let him watch the security footage.

Coworker Gets Lunch Stolen, Gets To Watch Security Footage, Drama Ensues

Unnervingly heartless.
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A collection of red flags that it's clearly time to find a new job.

Red Flags That It's Time To Find A New Job

Bright red flags everywhere.
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Thieving manager tries to frame employee, completely backfires.

Thieving Manager Tries To Frame Employee, Employee Pulls Three Month Sting Operation

The patience is what really took this revenge to the next level.
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guy at company wants computer that doesn't exist

Coworker Demands Mathematically Impossible Computer, Gets Proven Incompetent

Don't want to listen to the expert? Alright.
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stupid decisions companies made

Amazingly Dumb Decisions Made By Companies

K Mart, where art thou?
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Boss keeps asking an employee to work while they're on vacation, employee does their research, takes a permanent vacation.

Boss Asks Employee To Work While On Vacation, Employee Does Research, Takes Permanent Vacation

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A new owner tries to micromanage employees, fires them on the spot, they fire him on the spot, he loses millions.

Owner Tries to Micromanage Employees, Fires Them On The Spot, Rest Of Staff Fires Owner

And thus millions were lost.
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An office lunch thief ends up getting defeated by a crafty pro revenge.

Office Lunch Thief Gets Undermined By Crafty Pro Revenge

That's how it's done.
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company makes guy pay back 5 cents, he pays in installments

Guy Overcharges His Own Company 5 cents, Pays In Installments

Whoa there, big spender.
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Employees describe the most corrupt things that they've ever witnessed their bosses do.

Most Corrupt Things Employees Have Witnessed Their Bosses Do

Some people really should never be put in positions of power.
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A boss gets fired unethically so then a pro revenge ensues.

Boss Gets Canned Unethically, Pro Revenge Ensues

That's what I'm talking about.
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Compliance with a company's timesheets ends up resulting in a 40% pay increase.

Compliance With Company Timesheets Results In Employee's 40% Pay Increase

Thank goodness it worked out.
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stories of stupid business ideas people saw

The Dumbest Business Ideas People Have Seen

We all get ideas. Not all of them are good.
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