camera employee fired

Employee Fired Over Technicality, Takes Back Their Own Property, Leaves Company Nonfunctional

"I'm taking my ball and going home."
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employee usurps business from bad new owner

New Owner Lets Company Burn, Employee Yoinks Whole Business

The keys to the kingdom.
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guy told groceries are too expensive, company makes him eat at nice restaurants

Company Tells Employee Groceries Cost Too Much, Must Eat Every Meal At Fancy Restaurants

If you say so.
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mortgage company charges stupid convenience fee, customer fights back

Company Charges Nonsensical Convenience Fee, Customer Makes Things Even Less Convenient

Corporate greed never changes.
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12 text reddit images | thumbnail grey background " I'm not worth a raise? You're not worth my time I asked about a raise at my job, because due to high turnover, nobody else can do the work I do. They said if I want more money then I need to work more hours. "

Essential Employee Rightfully Requests Raise, Company Unable To Function Without Him

On today's episode of horrible employers
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company changes vacation policy, one crucial employee leaves and debilitates company

New Owners Get Rid of Vacation Policy, Crucial Employee Debilitates Company

Good on Jimmy.
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Company cuts an employee's salary in half, and their business proceeds to perish. | Cut my salary half? Kiss business goodbye. XL cast Names changed anonymity storyteller moment. Chad Hiring CTO. Richard CEO, brother Chad. Big Bro Engineer coworker Eddie and Desktop support guy.

Company Cuts Employee's Salary In Half, Business Proceeds To Perish

Company had zero chill.
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company fires employee for drinking tea before paying

Company Fires Employee For Opening 99 Cent Tea Before Paying

That's just cruel.
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company tries to make quitting employee work as much as possible so he quits

Company Tries Tricking Employee Into Working 22 Hours In 36 Hour Frame, Quits

Yeah screw that.
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Employee changes passwords and then goes on vacation story | Posted by u Morgoth 9 hours ago 2 3 2 35 3 Force take my vacation time dont want and tell secure my station by freshening up my passwords before go? Okay boss. oc s start with, my boss had his moments. Sometimes he dick who would push off on my raises or screw with my system, sometimes he would hook up and make my life pleasant. This not one latter.

Jerk Boss Bumps Vacation, Employee Changes Passwords and Leaves

"If that's what you want me to do boss, okay."
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An entitled coworker keeps stealing a desk, so a petty alarm clock revenge ensues.

Entitled Coworker Keeps Stealing Desk, Alarm Clock Revenge Ensues

A successful petty revenge, indeed.
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Company messes with a delivery driver's tips, and then a pro revenge ensues.

Company Messes With Delivery Driver's Tips, Pro Revenge Ensues

It's amazing what greedy people will do.
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Guy stands up to boss who makes him work as a courier | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by CleverNamePodcast Sorry not courier work large shipping company Canada work early morning loading trucks but as needed would go out and deliver packages. At first here and there but soon became normal after my regularly scheduled shift would go out and deliver

Guy Stands Up to Jerk Boss Who Makes Him do Two Jobs

Nothing quite like using a bad boss's words against them.
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Company won't fix spelling mistake so customer refuses to pay a stranger's bill, gets fixed

Company Won't Correct Misspelled Name So Customer Refuses To Pay, Gets Corrected Instantly

"I refuse to pay the bill of this stranger."
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An employee fails to do their job correctly, and they end up costing the company $1.5 million.

Employee Fails To Do Job Correctly, Costs Company $1.5 Million

Some mistakes sting more than others.
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developer uses bad code and loses all revenue, then doubles down

Pig-Headed Developer Uses His Own Code, Loses 100% Of Company's Revenue

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