common sense

Problem Solved

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Directions Need to Include Common Sense

common sense directions fire pizza - 5919040768
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Cooking FAIL

common sense cooking Hall of Fame Nailed It stove - 5911581440
common sense Hall of Fame Video wtf - 34769153

Understanding Leap Year FAIL

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No Getting Through to Him

common sense lost phone WoW - 5907971072

Keeping it Safe FAIL

common sense notes security whoops - 5888723200
Created by kacerosky

And I Thought Americans Were Bad at Geography

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Created by Waylon93

You Can't Have One Without The Others

animals common sense evolution movies - 5884697088
Created by GreenJade
ambulance cars common sense crash Video - 34294785

"I Think I Can Make It" FAIL

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FAIL Nation: Just Because You're Rich Doesn't Mean You Don't FAIL

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Vegetarian Option FAIL

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Created by miketoasty

FAIL Nation: Rocking Out Hard FAIL

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One Lock Too Few FAIL

bicycle common sense security - 5806274048
Created by Fibonacci

All Hope is Lost FAIL

Autocomplete Me common sense google - 5797064192

It's What You're Going to do Anyway FAIL

common sense Professional At Work signs - 5797342208
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Understanding Your Product FAIL

business common sense marketing wtf - 5783058432
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