common sense

Sign Efficiency FAIL

common sense math is hard Professional At Work signs - 5457675008
Created by cvargo

Explaining How a TV Works FAIL

common sense stupidity technology television - 5419228672

ATM Placement FAIL

ATM common sense Professional At Work wtf - 5434855168

Instructional Irony FAIL

common sense irony signs - 5413360128
Created by skinNbones082690

Hidden Identity FAIL

common sense failboat profile pic science - 5384035840
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Macbook Use FAIL

apple common sense computers failboat g rated stock photo technology - 5394227200
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A Bit Ahead of Your Time FAIL

common sense failboat g rated knockoff made in china marketing toys - 5394643968
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Washing Directions FAIL

captain obvious clothing common sense directions failboat g rated - 5394146304
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Basic Baking Concept FAIL

baking common sense cooking failboat g rated Nailed It - 5379715328
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Heeding The Sign FAIL

common sense directions failboat g rated signs vacation - 5344807168
See all captions Created by Allison Wisdom

Probably Bad News: He Must Be Using One of Them Smart Phones

cell phones common sense failboat g rated Probably bad News technology - 5339502848


common sense english failboat g rated tax dollars at work usps - 5350841856
See all captions Created by DrDerpington

Knowing What You Own FAIL

common sense failboat graph g rated kindle stupidity - 5336310016
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Probably Bad News: Or Just Build a Bridge For Them

common sense failboat g rated Hall of Fame Probably bad News - 5324454656
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Lock and FAIL

chain common sense failboat g rated lock security stupidity - 5322576640
See all captions Created by Sgt_Raa

Sprinkler Effectiveness FAIL

common sense failboat gardening g rated stupidity - 5252369920
Created by Ally

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