common sense

Trouble-Shooting FAIL

common sense instructions Professional At Work - 5751742208
Created by orangeman22

Portability FAIL

apple common sense computers wtf - 5702801152
Via Reddit

Double Negative FAIL

common sense grammar - 5557117696
Created by Kevin

Factual Argument FAIL

church signs common sense Hall of Fame religion - 5569134336
Created by Unknown

Reading Pamphlet FAIL

common sense illiterate irony reading - 5572411392
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This Plan is Full of Holes FAIL

common sense signs soccer sports wtf - 5539195136
Created by tangentiality

Learning To Bake FAIL

baking college common sense cooking Hall of Fame oven whoops - 5551457280
See all captions Created by Unknown

FAIL Nation: That's Not Empty FAIL

common sense facepalm fail nation g rated grocery store lazy shopping - 5523053568
Created by Unknown

Whole Point of a Bus Stop FAIL

common sense signs stupidity - 5522624000
Created by matthood5

Nowledge Is Power FAIL

common sense school typos - 5508595712
Created by Unknown

Some Vegetables Need Instructions FAIL

common sense pizza Professional At Work warning - 5477829120
Created by Chuckie

Helping The Handicapped FAIL

bathroom common sense handicapped toilet - 5477226752
Created by steveluyten


ATM common sense Professional At Work - 5485253632
Created by tweitzel79

Probably Bad News: There is no Precedent to Support This

AMERRICA black friday common sense Probably bad News - 5436633856
Created by Hank ( Via MSNBC )

The 1% Takes Up Photography FAIL

camera common sense photography - 5465974016
Created by Kenneth Vinyaratn

Needs To Listen To More Rihanna FAIL

common sense rihanna stupidity umbrella - 5454372608
Created by ambey99