Wholesome mechanic helps woman who was told her car was only worth 2000 by a crooked mechanic | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/FatalScroll 3 days ago Guy said her car only worth $2,000 because squeaking door! Medium Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster used manage oil change shop actually working by myself day as had slowest store company had an older Chinese lady (probably mid late 60s) pull into my parking lot decent looking car. She spoke some English but could tell wasn't her first l

Wholesome Mechanic Helps Woman Who Got a BS Quote

A wholesome customer interaction? How rare!
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Horse-drawn cart doing donuts,

A Horse-drawn Cart Doing Donuts

Putting the horsepower to good use.
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cool car plays toto's africa when the keys are forgotten inside

Man Modifies Wife's Car To Play Toto's "Africa" If She Forgets Keys

Man's a genius.
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Guy keeps parking on land so the owner charges him for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/TboneXXIV 2 days ago 2 2 3 can't park there. Ok can, but will cost oc M My parents had this problem with guy parking tractor trailer on their land. He lives right across one their pecan groves grove has well spaced trees all neat rows grass is mowed super short ground is really flat looks like an ideal place pull rig if don't know better.

Guy Keeps Parking on Property, So Owner Starts Charging Him

Not the Pecans!
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washing a car for the first time in 32 years secret car collection

Man Given Access To Insane Car Collection Not Seen In 40 Years

Now it's time to drive those cars.
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Entitled lowballer wants to buy car for cheap, gets tricked and sent to wrong address | Rob's post 46 .l 17 08:33 6k will come asap and collect Donf be dik really like this car. Wats address? 07:09 like car also, which is why won't be letting go 9k less than s worth. And not being dik s 7am and got stuff do ready make serious offer let know 07:12 Waste fukin time Absolute dikhead 07:13 Actually mate, l've just had word with my partner and she said she's happy let go 6k as she's just got nice bon

Entitled Lowballer Gets Sent to Wrong Address

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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Uber Driver gets revenge on scamming passenger by saying he's going to mexico | Posted by u/smkAce0921 16 hours ago want Free Ride Fine take Mexico oC L 2018 lived southern CA while finishing up graduate school. Uber more popular than ever and given spread out CA is general an easy side hustle shuttle people back and forth. However only did little while because not really most patient person and eventually got tired people's BS and attitudes. One common tactics customers looking screw driver can

Uber Driver Calls Bluff of Scamming Customer

None of these choices are advisable.
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choosing beggar delusional rejects good deal for cheap car | sorry? Lol means laugh out loud think its funny want 3000 could buy bmw Right well can tell with 100% certainty 3,000 BMW will not be nearly as reliable or cost-effective as my Civic. But fair enough, good luck with search car

Delusional Buyer in Need of Cheap Car Rejects $3K Civic

Maybe it's still for sale...
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driver reviews car that he hates

Reviewer Absolutely Despises Car

Best review ever.
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Video of drive in comedy show with honk when you laugh policy.

Alaskan Drive-In Comedy Show Has "Honk When You Laugh" Policy

It's an interesting concept.
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Video of a guy siphoning gas from a car igniting the car and driving off.

Guy Siphoning Gas While Smoking Blows Up Car

Cool, man.
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Mom gets legal revenge on lying woman and cop who lied about car accident | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/alex567890101 10 hours ago Woman Damages my Mom's Car and Blames my Mom. Her Corrupt Cop Boyfriend Covers Up and Ruins Both Their Reputations don't know if this counts as Pro Revenge or not but thought pretty funny and they got they deserved. This post is super long so have TLDR at end some background live predominantly white suburban town New Jersey and my family is Asian. Although town is

Mom Hammers Lying Lady and Corrupt Cop Boyfriend

Sometimes justice prevails.
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Karen claims that a car hit her in the Costco parking lot, and the dash cam proves otherwise | Karen called police claim physically hit her with my car Costco parking lot have dash cam. Title basically says all have an inconspicuous dash cam on my car, because live daily hazard driving city. Yesterday woman walked out front my car side, completely disregarding moving vehicle and fact idk, maybe l didn't fucking see her?

Karen Says Car Hit Her In Parking Lot, Dash Cam Says Otherwise

Oh Karen. Don't even bother.
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Luxury car dealership wants to treat customer poorly, but they end up washing the car | Luxury car Dealership wants treat customer like dirt, ends up washing his car instead This isn't my story happened my ex classmates dad but 's too sweet story not share. His dad is pretty wealthy guy and owns his own construction business. My classmate always showed up fancy clothes and cars. One day, dad walks into car dealership. He interested buying Mercedes G Wagon. He went inside and ignored almost an

Luxury Car Dealership Wants To Treat Customer Like Dirt, Ends Up Washing Car

Take that luxury car dealership!
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Jeep drives into a Planet Fitness and interrupts people's workouts | tweet by BRI @briilm farewell dumb bells pics of exercise machines in ruins and covered in glass shards and a banged up car stopped in the background

SUV Interrupts People's Workouts At Planet Fitness

You're not doing it right, SUV.
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Guy drives car in third gear for years without realizing it | TIFU by driving my car 3rd gear four years realized my fuck up today, but 's been going on since day bought my car four years ago. Every time go drive my (automatic) car always slide gear shifter all way down and left and go driving. All is well drive on highway most time and tbh past two summers l've been making 50km commute one way pretty much daily.

Dude Drives Car In Third Gear For Years Without Knowing It

You might share a road with these people.
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