entitled irresponsible dad borrows car, crashes it and then sells it

Dirtbag Dad Crashes Son's Car And Sells It

Alright, that's like some modern Shakespearean tragedy BS.
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customer doesn't want female mechanic, waits for hours

Customer Will Not Have Female Mechanic, Waits Ages For Nonexistent Male One

If you say so, man.
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wet wtf freeway concrete cars cement mistake Video - 107175425

Cars Stop On Freeway, Get Wet Cemented

There's some concrete evidence for the insurance company.
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A choosing beggar ends up rudely rejecting a free car offer.

Choosy Beggar Rudely Rejects Free Car Offer

You've got to be kidding me with this.
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driving car fails

Incompetent Drivers Who Should Be Banned From The Road

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cars deer ridiculous tesla funny Video animals - 107082241

Energetic Baby Deer Meets Tesla

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Car gets swallowed by sinkhole in India

Car Zoops Directly Into Sinkhole

Time for a dip.
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Guy proceeds to get educated on car safety and physics.

Guy Proceeds To Get Schooled On Car Safety And Physics

It's never too late to learn something new.
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Driving fails and drivers doing stupid things

Morons Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Drive

Good luck out there.
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teen driver told they can't go anywhere without permission, so he forces parents hand

Teen Driver Forces Parents Hand On Stupid Rule, Actually Wins

Reasonability wins out.
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A mean step dad tricks his kid out of a computer, so the kid tricks him out of a car | r/ProRevenge Join u/thekungfupanda 6h 1 1 1 1 4 1 Trick out my laptop give car. 13 years ago my late teens, living on my own and really struggling live financially. One few possessions had an old laptop. My laptop had stopped working properly and while fairly proficient using computer had no idea about fixing them did bit searching on internet but couldn't get working so ask my step dad take look. He has quick

Mean Step Dad Tricks Kid Out Of Laptop, Kid Takes His Car

Oh, he owned him.
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A rude guy pays a huge debt on a vehicle, demeans a helpful employee, and then really pays the price for it.

Man Pays Huge Debt On Vehicle, Demeans Helpful Employee, Pro Revenge Ensues

Mr. Devious had it coming.
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Two truck rights car but then car immediately rolls into ditch

Tow Truck Rights Car, Rolls Right Into Ditch

Some cars just don't want to be saved.
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funny, weird and stupid car modifications

Weird, Stupid and Absurd Car Modifications

Sick ride, bro.
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Guy illegal parks in handicap space, gets blocked in and misses a job interview | Posted by nunya__bidness idiot and handicapped parking spot attending school (adult education career training) one my classmates Bob had an artificial leg. Other than walking with limp and not being able stand long periods wouldn't really notice.

Guy Teaches A Lesson To Handicap Spot Hog

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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Manager tries to give customer a predatory car loan, and it completely backfires. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/tapir top-hat 1d 3 2 8 2 story got out bad car loan This is story bought my car little over year ago had recently returned working overseas and had been shopping around about month found myself at yet another used car dealership, and on whim test drove vehicle cost more than hoping spend. Being young and dumb also let slip looking finance didn't really NEED get car loan just didn't have any

Manager Tries To Give Customer Predatory Car Loan, Customer Doesn't Fall For It

Manager man didn't know who he was playing around with.
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