Driver is safe after dragster crash

Driver Walks Away After Car Snaps In Half

That's gotta be jarring.
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Buyer wants to test drive car at 170 miles per hour | 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 22,900 Owosso, MI Mark as Sold Mark as Paid Darrell bring cash with and want hit Express way and if dose over 170 got deal..sounds good? Darrell This Saturday works anytime Darrell like car want make sure will do over 170 l'm street racer.

Delusional Buyer Wants to Test Drive Car at 170 MPH

That's gonna be a no, boss.
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custom car horns funny driving video cool

Man Creates Car Horn For Special Occasions

Clearly a genius.
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A collection of images showing people being dumb in cars | These people deserve be flung into sun | two cars blocking a road traffic light

People Being Dumb Dumbs In Cars

We share roads with these people.
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Bad and stupid electrical work and car mods | zip ties | screen taped to the back of a car's chair with clear tape

Extremely Dubious Car Mods and Electrical Work

Does that work now?
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Video of crazy rally car racing moments

The Insanity Of Rally Car Drivers

Dude has zero fear for his life.
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Video of pulling an engine out of a car.

Quick and Easy Engine Removal

It's definitely fast and effective.
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lucky car crash avoids dude on motorcycle

Seriously Lucky Dude Avoids Bad Crash

Coulda been worse.
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1960s Hot Rod Toy Car Restoration

1960s Hot Rod Restoration Is Strangely Relaxing

Very nice.
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A collection of very cool steering wheels.

Spectacularly Unexpected Steering Wheels

All about that Oldsmobile.
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satisfying karma video parking bully gets owned

Parking Enforcement Bully Gets Her Car Clamped For Targeting Disabled Man

Well done.
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Wholesome mechanic helps woman who was told her car was only worth 2000 by a crooked mechanic | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/FatalScroll 3 days ago Guy said her car only worth $2,000 because squeaking door! Medium Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster used manage oil change shop actually working by myself day as had slowest store company had an older Chinese lady (probably mid late 60s) pull into my parking lot decent looking car. She spoke some English but could tell wasn't her first l

Wholesome Mechanic Helps Woman Who Got a BS Quote

A wholesome customer interaction? How rare!
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Horse-drawn cart doing donuts,

A Horse-drawn Cart Doing Donuts

Putting the horsepower to good use.
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cool car plays toto's africa when the keys are forgotten inside

Man Modifies Wife's Car To Play Toto's "Africa" If She Forgets Keys

Man's a genius.
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Guy keeps parking on land so the owner charges him for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/TboneXXIV 2 days ago 2 2 3 can't park there. Ok can, but will cost oc M My parents had this problem with guy parking tractor trailer on their land. He lives right across one their pecan groves grove has well spaced trees all neat rows grass is mowed super short ground is really flat looks like an ideal place pull rig if don't know better.

Guy Keeps Parking on Property, So Owner Starts Charging Him

Not the Pecans!
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washing a car for the first time in 32 years secret car collection

Man Given Access To Insane Car Collection Not Seen In 40 Years

Now it's time to drive those cars.
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