repair car cars mechanic tifu - 16141829

Mechanic Takes on Job He Shouldn't, Destroys Engine, Has to Pay

That's a whoopsie.
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guy refuses to drive, is mad at girlfriend for getting him driving lessons

Guy Angry His Girlfriend Bought Him Driving Lessons, Can't See Writing On Wall

C'mon man.
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cops wtf FAIL cars ridiculous stupid traffic - 107795969

Idiot Doing Circles In Traffic Runs Directly Into Cop

The first lesson here might be “don't drive your car aimlessly in circles at a crowded four-way stop.” But even if you do find yourself doing that, the second lesson would be “just look around to see if there are any cops around." Actually, if you're the kind of person who does this garbage, never mind, don't look for cops.
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instant karma cars lol french dash cam funny Video - 107778817

Idiot Brake Checks Truck, Gets Instant Karma

It's a bad idea to brake check a truck. It's an even worse idea to brake check a truck without looking around to see if there are any cops around. This one's got the added flavor of a perturbed French guy lauding the outcome of this total BS traffic move.
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snow revenge cars petty lol parking shovel - 16012549

Neighbor Steals Freshly Shoveled Parking Spot, Gets An Ice Surprise

It's situations like these where we could ask questions all day about who the worse actor is. But maybe it's more apt to consider the fact that if you do something that you're certain will make someone extremely angry, all bets are off when you come back to your car. For another story of snowy entitlement, here's the one about entitled neighbors who didn't like the way a dad snow cleared their driveway and ended up getting fined .
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pro revenge revenge nuclear revenge cars parenting cops - 15987205

Mom Gets Stalker Arrested and His Car Repo’d After He Harasses Her Over A Used Car Sale

This guy is a lunatic!
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wtf absurd cars driving driver lol truck unsafe safety - 16009989

The Wildest Junk People Saw Other Drivers Do While Driving

For some reason, a lot of people see driving as a secondary activity to eating a bowl of Chex or doing their hair. Here are some of the irresponsible and straight up absurd junk truckers and other drivers have spotted their fellow drivers doing behind the wheel. It's as if their windshield is just a tv screen to them or something. So watch out for these morons and other incompetent drivers who should be banned from the road.
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new zealand cars idiots traffic - 15998981

Another Normal Day Stuck in Traffic in Auckland, New Zealand

Just another average Auckland commute.
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stupid bad and unsafe driving fails

Dumb Drivers Who Deserve Ample Ridicule

Come on, guys.
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australia cars lol ridiculous echidna funny animals - 107721217

Supercars Dodge Echidna On Racetrack

That's pretty Australian.
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instant karma cars dumb idiot pass stupid - 107705857

Idiot Passes On Shoulder, Gets Instant Carma

Good going dude.
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wholesome grandpa beats mechanic in court and fixes people's cars for free

Wholesome Grandpa Starts Fixing Cars For Free, Beats Greedy Mechanic In Court

Now that's a grandpa.
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Guy causes thousands dollars worth of damage with a few bucks worth of ice | r/tifu posted by false_name1229 TIFU by causing $3k damage with $4 ice Preface drive BMW and am all too aware their fabulously terrible repair costs know 's absurd and can be remidied by replacing my car with Toyota experienced absurdity. And owned Toyota am where am and love my car blindly.

Guy Causes $3K Of Damage With $4 Worth Of Ice

Better fill the trunk up with rice.
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tight car garage cars lol small funny parking - 107589121

Man Demonstrates How He Enters His Cartoonishly Small Garage

Not a lot of clearance there.
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scary racing wtf Terrifying cars fast rally amazing - 107566081

Rally Racing In Finland Is As Riveting As It Is Terrifying

They get close.
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brazil road wtf cars road rage ridiculous dumb - 107554049

Dashcam Catches A Road Rage Door Fight In Brazil

One reason not to have gull wings, apparently.
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