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Manager Tells Clever Employee He "Doesn’t Care How He Does His Job and to Just Do It", So He Does Exactly That

Denied a raise and moved to over night position and told "don't care how you do your job, just do it" Okay, I will
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boss angry at employee for sitting when they have a broken foot and other work tweets

Boss Reprimands Broken-Footed Employee For Sitting At Work, Shocked When They Quit

What a class act.
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employees maliciously comply with CEO's wishes in funny stories

Employees Get The Best Of Unhinged CEO In Saga of Malicious Compliance

Masterfully crafted.
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boss malicious compliance bosses work Office - 15474437

Worker Gets Put on Performance Review and Banned From Working From Home Right Before Working From Home Becomes Mandatory

Guy gets laptop confiscated right before the office is closed down so he just doesn't do any work.
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twitter thread about weird reasons people got in trouble at work

The Weirdest Things People Got In Trouble For At Work

"You're blinking too loudly."
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A CEO pushes their employee for higher productivity, and it totally backfires for them.

CEO Pushes Employee For More Productivity, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Way to go for this employee.
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red lobster boss insists on doing job wrong, is shown to be wrong

Incompetent Manger Insists On Doing Job Wrong, Crashes And Burns

Wonder why that didn't work out, huh?
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Boss demands that their employee take part in a company kart race, and then malicious compliance ensues.

Boss Demands Employee Take Part In Company Kart Race, Malicious Compliance Ensues

So satisfying.
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VP insists on white shirt, has to apologize to engineering professional

VP Bullies Coworker Over Shirt, Doesn't Realize Who He's Talking To

That's nice.
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Boss angry he is not treated like genius

Insecure Boss Blows Up Because Employee "Doesn't Assume He Is A Genius"

Cool dude.
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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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jobs that attract jerks

Jobs That Attract A High Proportion Of Jerks

Calling all liars and sycophants.
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boss threatens deli guy's job, he quits

Unreasonable Boss Threatens Deli Guy's Job, He Says "Okay"

Bluff called.
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A lousy boss doesn't like to pay their employees, so they end up being reported to the labor board.

Lousy Boss Doesn't Like To Pay Employees, Gets Reported To Labor Board

That boss had it coming.
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Important boss demands AC turned off in summer

"Very Important" Man Demands AC Turned Off In Mid Summer

If you say so, sir.
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Boss insists spellcheck is broken, employee fixes it, and he writes gibberish

Boss Insists Spellcheck Is Broken, Has It "Fixed," Makes Gibberish Until Fired

Good ol' hubris.
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