Hotel owner refuses employee's jury duty, gets led out in hand cuffs

Boss Threatens Firing Over Jury Duty Absence, Gets Led Out in Cuffs

Don't make a judge angry.
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Boss dismisses an employee's warnings about a fabricated manufacturer, and ends up paying for it to the tune of $65K.

Boss Dismisses Employee's Warnings About Manufacturer, Costs Company $65K

A very necessary ego check.
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boss orders endless sweeping of tree seeds, ends up sweeping himself

Boss Orders Endless Task, Ends Up Stuck With It

"If you have thirty seconds to lean, you have an eternity to clean."
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A dumb boss cuts a chef's overtime, and then has to pay anyways.

Ignorant Boss Cuts Chef's Overtime, Ends Up Having To Pay Anyways

Serves that boss right.
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Karen manager demands employee print a video and gets fired | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/deeba_ 11 hours ago No problem print video And while at might have fired as well. oc L Hi all, This is my first submission sub and hope enjoy There's tl:dr at bottom. Context: This happened few years ago 18 and working as receptionist community nursing service. As youngest team by long shot average age employees being around 55-60 usually one responsible Computer Stuff mostly just simple things

Karen Manager Orders Employee to Print a Video File, Gets Fired

She insisted.
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incompetent boss orders employee to work scheduled hours and messes everything up | Posted by u/dorky_dad77 told had an 8 1/2 hour shift and not leave early, so started working only 8 1/2 hours. oc M work as supervisor at manufacturing plant, and hired an 8 hour shift as night time supervisor. As soon as started, they changed, and said they really considered shift be 11 pm 730, so they would need be 8 1/2 hours salaried, there wasn't much could do, and wasn't

Employee Derails Incompetent Boss By Working Scheduled Hours

That's on you, boss.
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Boss rejects employee's PC upgrade request, so the employee maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Rhelyk 11h Won't get much needed PC upgrade properly do my job? OK make watch work XL run parts room at an independently owned auto body collision repair shop call owners Mr and Mrs Bossman do mostly insurance repairs and always have between 20 and 50 vehicles on-property various states repair, depending on busy are. Once estimate specific vehicle is approved my job is primarily order

Boss Denies Employee's Necessary PC Upgrade, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Congrats on the raise, indeed.
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A boss insists on using an errant GPS app, employee follows orders, hilarity ensues. | r/MaliciousCompliance u/AlwaysTheNoob 21h Join 1 2 2 e7 3 4 8 3 not here think ouch, but okay L tl;dr at bottom About decade ago new guy at company have people fly all over world start putting gear together before leaving again job sites, and one things did my earlier days pick those people up airport, take them their hotel after work, etc.

Incompetent Boss Insists On Using Errant GPS, Karma Ensues

A well deserved outcome.
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lazy Karen manager story

Lazy Manager Karen Lets Everything Fall To Pieces

Ah, justice.
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Boss ends up disregarding tech support's friendly advice.

Boss Disregards Tech Support's Friendly Advice

Bossman learned his lesson.
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Incompetent manager drafts bad letter, everyone uses it and he gets all the blame

Incompetent Manager Demands Horrible Customer Service, Receives All Blame

Thanks for the "streamlining" Steve.
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employee gets pay docked by manager and takes legal action, ruining the company

Boss Docks Wages Illegally, Employee Crushes His Dreams

"If you want to escalate this, alright then."
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Company won't hire an employee directly and they end up living to regret it.

Company Won't Hire Employee Directly, They Live To Regret It

A literal professional revenge.
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Boss tells employees that they're slacking, so the employees CC the boss on every email.

Boss Tells Employees They're Slacking, Petty Revenge Ensues

Job well done.
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unfair manager threatens staff with write up and they all walk out | O r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Blewyouremyboy 10 hours ago O 9 10 3 10 9. Work double and get written up or oc M high school few friends and myself worked at local chain restaurant were fully able run day shift but had never really broken down equipment and closed up evening. One particular night few night shift had called sick were asked pull double and close restaurant, which did. Essentially worked 10a.m. until after mi

Unfair Manager Threatens Staff, They All Walk Out

That's gotta feel nice.
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Twitter thread on danger of tech in gig economies | Frisco Uplink @_danilo After premiere Picard name checked Bruce Maddox, decided head back and watch Measure Man, TNG S2E09. And turns out Maddox is bit tech bro. Startling well this holds up three decades later. This kind guy is still problem. | Frisco Uplink @_danilo As refresher Measure Man TNG at its hammiest, most thought provoking best courtroom drama where fate Data hinges on question whether he is sentient being deserving call basic

Twitter Thread: Star Trek and the Inhumanity of Gig Economies

Imagine having a robot boss.
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