Story of a guy who didn't work at Walmart but got "fired" by a manager | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/mfstevenson1 12 hours ago got fired walmart and never worked there Obligatory on mobile, sorry about any formatting issues! About year ago worked selling solar panel systems. This job required wear khakis and blue polo meeting customers. One particular day, after meeting with homeowner had stop by my local walmart get more pens and notepad my work bag.

Guy Who Didn't Work at Walmart Fired by Walmart Manager

So no harm done?
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bad airline manager fires employee and tries to make them work | Posted by u/geddes_thesea 1 day ago 52 37 E10 Next week going fire oc M Worked shitty airline company. Let's just make up name United Blairlines. At this company they started smaller company could hire and train people run planes, but pay them way less at certain airports. Where my colleagues at other airports were making over $20/hr getting paid $10.25 same- and sometimes more- work honestly would scare know little people who are

Incompetent Manager Tries To Make Employee Work After Firing Them

Fantastic idea, sir.
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Boss tells their lab manager to alter lab inventory reports and it completely backfires. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Gemini0420 Alter inventory reports so don't have explain things M Back 2016 took over as Lab Manager previous guy running Lab as well as boss were golden children and could do no wrong. Later found out they were omitting all kinds information on monthly reports make numbers look good.

Boss Tells Lab Manager To Alter Inventory Reports, Completely Backfires

A bad idea will bring a bad result.
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work story of when cheap boss forbids underage workers from using truck, so they can't work | Posted by u/YhcrananarchY 21 hours ago 2 6 10 S 13 4 Boss says can't drive work truck, so don't! oc M title pretty much sums up, but long, long time ago city not far away had terrible Summer job. Right after high school, my friend and were looking practically anything make money and his older brother told us about job he once had working this guy washing windows.

Boss Forbids Use of Work Truck, Surprised When No Work Is Done

What did he expect?
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bad boss wants to not pay employee, employee quits | u/Sherlock_DaVinci Not qualified promotion, then just do my job oc M Edit: Which TLDR at end few years ago worked furniture stored back store. My job consisted unloading and loading trucks, assembling furniture and placing on main floor store. After around 6 months there, my supervisor announced he resigned meaning his post up grabs had all technical requirements so applied, but they gave job another one my colleagues

Boss Expects Work Without Pay, Gets What He Pays For

Great plan, dude.
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Guy gets manager fired because he knows the rules | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by PunkThug There an attempt fire malicious compliance. Long-time lurker first time poster. Apologize being on mobile s very long story, and TL;DR at bottom

Manager Tries to Fire Guy for Following The Rules, It Backfires

It helps to know the guidelines.
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micromanaging boss makes employees do bare minimum | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/laxfarmerdan 24 32 8 14 hours ago Complain about logging my phone 30 seconds late work my hours but cost money. oc M My first job out Bar school with an ambulance chasing firm worked 12-8pm call centre calling people after accidents get them sign with us personal injury claim. Officially this not cold calling as details were passed us by insurance companies who assured us each lead had confirmed injuries and

Boss Micromanages Themselves Out of The Job

That's what he wanted, right?
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A boss has a terrible idea, employee disregards idea, boss learns lesson. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Routine_Condition 7h 8 5 e 5 S 4 8 3 software does all now. OK boss. M Inspired by recent story don't need any anymore reminded my malicious compliance changed organization chart company worked at. TL;DR Look at boss now. Many moons ago, before 08 recession manager records department (among other things worked an industry where record keeping is super critical. Bad records mean no more

Boss Has Terrible Idea, Employee Disregards Idea, Boss Learns Lesson

Who's the boss now.
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People tell stories of times their laziness made them work more efficiently | post by SirSithsalot remember having peel 20kg charred eggplant at restaurant worked asked chef if there an easier way do His reply yep, get someone else do

People Who Worked Smarter, Not Harder

Sometimes getting the laziest person involved is the smartest thing to do.
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Boss uses layoff to get staff hired | shortadamlewis 13.3k points 1 year ago 4 3 8 O had lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice contract project manager on government project (office type work At our periodic review on Thursday government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day Friday next day

Stellar Manager Handles Layoff Like a Boss

That's a mighty fine turnaround given the circumstances.
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Employee proves that museum's security needs to be revamped | So my boss once robbed museum prove point and honestly think she is my new role model. flamefriendsshipped If this gets notes l'll tell full story fandomlovingweirdo

Employee Points Out Security Concern, Nobody Listens, Robbery Ensues

Simple as that.
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Boss demands new password and employee makes it impossible to type | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/foobar754 17 hours ago Just change password and write down Sure thing. oc s Back working at small company company didn't really have ton support staff so take break various programming tasks doing and would help out manager support team completely unqualified and basically got job because he also head sales and customer facing team

Lazy Boss Demands Password Change, Gets Incomprehensible Password

Be specific.
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funny work memes | got deep rage burning inside but got act nice because at work cat smiling awkwardly

Work Memes to Hide from the Boss

"No, I am scrolling through emails."
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Boss orders office demolition with forklift and it goes wrong | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Naige2020 Drive forklift through oC M This may take while relate but lot happened working as Warehouse Manager pharmaceutical\cosmetic company. Our premises part large industrial complex had been walled off into three smaller buildings had three different businesses occupying them. My office free standing building inside warehouse about size shipping container. My company process

Boss Demands Demolished Office, Gets More than That

Unclear intentions make great big expenses.
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Stingy boss skimps on employees, so their ego takes a hit with taxes | r/ProRevenge Join u/anonymous_bun 194d Stingy, narcissistic boss negs and skimps on employees, so damage his ego with some asshole tax Let's call my asshole boss Eugene, since his stinginess reminds Eugene Krabs SpongeBob Squarepants, except Krabs is nowhere near malicious order display full satisfaction this revenge will have describe few (but not limited) things Eugene did entitles him being complete jackass.

Stingy Boss Skimps On Employees, Ego Takes Hit With Taxes

Boss probably sees himself as the victim.
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An incompetent boss sabotages his business, so the employee steals the boss' clients | r/ProRevenge Business is business joined Navy 18, ended up as Corpsman Iraq and Afghanistan, and, whenI returned, found out going have take classes even become an EMT. Fuck right? So did next best thing got degree Economics. Now see there, grinning ear ear an idiot, right? Well turned out pretty well picked up job 35k/yr as business consultant smallish company area. Now use pseudonym my boss

Incompetent Boss Sabotages Business, Employee Steals Boss' Clients

The definition of a satisfying revenge.
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