Guy assumes that he can fix computer by putting it in a tub of rice.

Sheriff Spills Saltwater On Computer, Tries To Fix Computer With Tub Of Rice

Nah, that ain't it, man.
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People describe the various things their exes said that made them want to end their relationships.

People Describe The Dealbreakers From Their Exes

There's only so much that one can take.
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A collection of cursed images from an urban dystopia.

Absurd, Cursed, And Uncomfortable Architecture

Fresh out of the dystopian reality.
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tech support FAIL technology ridiculous dumb stupid - 15339013

Tech Support Employee Expects Speakerless Computer To Make Noise

Might be time for a hot pivot into a new job.
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Server snaps on table that fails to tip properly for a massive bill.

Server Snaps On Customers That Fail To Tip Properly For Massive Bill

They all but ordered that reality check off the menu.
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Customer assumes that their packages are missing the necessary dongles multiple times.

Oblivious Customer Repeatedly Asks For "Missing " USB Dongle, It's Always Been There

Three times with the same nonsense though.
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Woman's estranged brother decides to get married on her wedding day, and she refuses to change her wedding date.

Woman's Estranged Brother Decides To Get Married On Her Wedding Day, She Refuses To Move Wedding

The audacity though.
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humor FAIL ridiculous entitled Reddit funny choosing beggar - 15321605

Choosy Beggar Bids More Than They Can Afford, Gets Upset When Rejected

What a joke.
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Husband pitches a whole fit over his wife's use of fake candles.

Husband Can't Accept Wife's Use Of Candles, Drama Ensues

Come on man, pull it together.
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A collection of obvious scams that people end up falling prey to.

Obvious Scams That People Still Fall For

Come on people, wake up.
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live news FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous Video - 107473153

Local News Tries To Connect With Millennials, Cringe Tidal Wave Ensues

They might be trying a bit too hard with this one.
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customer service entitlement FAIL cringe Awkward cheap karen tiktok - 2761478

Cosmetics Influencer Airs Out Karen Customer's Spicy DMs

Definitely not edible.
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A tech support tale about an angry customer berating tech support, asking for different technician, and then getting humbled.

Customer Berates Technician, Gets Humbled Quickly

Oh, that must've been indescribably satisfying.
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funny cake fails

40 Cake Fails That Are Unbelievably Funny | Cheezburger

Sometimes the cake has a mind of its own.
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An important Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers what they ask for.

Vegan Girl Gets Served Real Burger, Ignites Important Educational Tumblr Thread

Best to respect those specialized orders.
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Guy breaks up with girlfriend, forces her to move out, feels guilty.

Guy Breaks Up With Girlfriend, Tells Her To Move Out, Feels Guilty

Sounds like there isn't any other way.
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