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'She then proceeded to confess': Highschool biology class implodes an entire family

When generations of a family are brought to their knees over a kid's biology assignment, it's pretty safe to say that the foundations of the family house of cards were a little bit shaky to begin with. This situation plays out pretty much exactly the same as Ned Stark pouring over the Baratheon lineage and realizing the thing that was right in front of everyone's noses... So, that's why Uncle Carl looks different to Aunt Suzy, who looks way different from Cousin John. It turns out they're the p…
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'I was like absolutely not': Employees share stories of mandatory group Halloween costumes at work

Office group activities are never fully embraced.
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20+ Random Thoughts of the Week (June 4, 2023)

20 Random Thoughts of the Week (June 4, 2023)

Sometimes, the most random thoughts are the most profound.
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'That's a cross walk, not a parking spot': 20+ Drivers that need to practice parking

'That's a cross walk, not a parking spot': 20+ Breathtakingly bad parking jobs

If you drive, you already know how many people with licenses really shouldn't have received theirs. After all, lots of folks take drivers ed as a teenager, learn the rules well enough to pass their test, and then just keep driving for the rest of their lives without getting much better at it. Check out these hilariously parked people below (plus a few clever signs designed just to tell them off). Then, read this story about a waitress whose outfit choice was questioned by the diners she was ser…
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'Kate never did show up': College professor finds absentee student who insists she's showing up to class

'Kate never did show up': College professor faces off with absentee student who insists she's showing up to class

We've all had that dream where we're wandering around school, trying to find a classroom . In the dream, maybe you're in your old middle school or your college campus , carrying your backpack. As you wander the halls, they all look the same and they stretch for miles. Maybe you enter a room, but it's not the right one! In this nightmare scenario, you're late for a test and cannot possibly find it. Then, you wake up in a cold sweat, thankful to know it's just a dream. Well, not this person! I gu…
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'I'm thinking go from $500 to $950': Real estate agent accidentally sends tenant email meant for landlord with plans to price him out

Well, if this tenant is pursuing a case, he certainly has enough evidence.
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Gave my 12 y/o kid a $50 apple gift card, woke up to this, this morning. One of the charges was for $75, the lowest was $3.75, average was about $20. Did manage to get it all reversed, more in comments..

'Kid is about to lose his computer to eBay': Dad threatens to take son's computer after he runs up massive gaming bill

Owning a credit card is a big responsibility, and it definitely shouldn't fall into the hands of a Roblox-obsessed preteen. One dad found that out the hard way, as he shared with the r/mildlyinfuriating Reddit community. At first, he was just sharing a long receipt of micro transactions that his son had made at the App Store . Spend a dollar here and twenty dollars there and it can really add up fast! The kiddo thought he had a gift card to spend, but once the gift card ran out, he was able to…
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'I asked my boss for those days off [...] but she refused:' Single mother gets PTO denied, gets petty revenge on boss, internet reacts

There's nothing worse than thinking you had a triumphant win against your boss, but really, you didn't win at all.
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Top 5 Worst First Dates as Told by the Waiters

Remember that your behavior on a first date is not just seen by the person with whom you are eating.
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'Coworker talks to herself as well as inanimate objects': 10+ bizarre coworker stories

We have all had that one coworker...
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'I had been broadcasting my baby talk to my entire team': Employee does baby talk with cat while unmuted on work call

Rarely do we come across stories that are embarrassing and wholesome at the same time. But thankfully, this story is proof that both kinds of content can coexist. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/tifu subreddit by u/SaltyDalty21 , an employee who works from home and is accustomed to taking professional video calls remotely. However, one day, her cat decided to be a trickster and crawled all over her work setup. In the process, her cat literally unmuted her on the call without her knowledge.…
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'This is pretty much theft, so I don't plan on just sitting back with my arms crossed': Tenant gets revenge on shady landlord by planning to boobytrap his apartment before moving

Landlords can be pretty shady and as a renter, it's frustrating when their sketchiness goes unnoticed. Tenants almost always take losses when moving from apartment to apartment because landlords refuse to take responsibility for their properties. Well, one man finally stood up to his landlord who was stealing security deposits from everyone in the building, planning to plant traps to create as much damage as possible in his apartment before moving out. If he can't get his deposit back, he's goi…
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FAIL house real estate DIY Reddit funny apartment - 20379909

20 Bizarre Real Estate Listings and DIY Mishaps

Ah, the homes we come across on Zillow...
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'He did not earn all of his good noodle stickers': First grade teacher roasted for excluding one student from class BBQ party

This teacher may not have made the smartest choice here.
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'I want to wear what I feel cute and comfortable in': Female Personal Trainer Kicked Out of a Judgy Gym for an Alleged Dress-Code Violation

I thought this was a free country
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Apartment Management: 0 Me:1

'Putting people in their place is my specialty:' Tenant calls out shady landlord after failing to bump up the rent mid-lease

It doesn't get more satisfying than shutting down your landlord.
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