Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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Karen assumes that an obvious dad works at grocery store, and learns otherwise.

Florida Karen Assumes Dad Works At Grocery Store, Reality Check Ensues

Karens gonna Karen.
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FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous Video karen tiktok - 2759430

Karen Rear-Ends Lambo, Gets Caught On Camera, Tries To Blame Other Driver

The nerve truly blows the mind.
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A Tumblr thread about how people will lie to get themselves the right job or grade in school.

A Tumblr Post On Lack Of Scientific Integrity

Humans are complex creatures.
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basketball hoop FAIL stuck lol ridiculous basketball dumb funny Video stupid - 107466753

Dude Throws Shoe At Basketball, Miraculously Gets That Stuck Too

Throw your phone next.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe Awkward ridiculous Video tiktok - 2753286

Karen Has Temper Tantrum At McDonald's Over Order Taking Too Long

Get out of here with that Karen.
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funny lazy design fails

Design Fails That Need A Little Work

Uh, if you say so?
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A collection of funny, highly entertaining rare insults.

Rare Insults That Dunked People In A Hot Bath Of Fiery Words

The right creative insult can absolutely waste someone.
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A caller tries to get tech support to help them commit tax fraud, and fails miserably.

Caller Tries To Get Tech Support To Help Commit Tax Fraud, Fails Miserably

What a goof.
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A collection of red flags that people missed in their past relationships.

Red Flags People Missed In Their Past Relationships

Don't fall prey to these red flags.
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Woman's ex-boyfriend wants to get back together, claims he isn't seeing anyone, gets caught, damages car.

Woman's Ex Wants To Get Back Together, Lies About Being Single, Karmic Justice Ensues

Sweet, sweet karma.
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Man fails to check smoothie ingredients, and gets blindsided by all the creatine.

Man Fails To Check Smoothie Ingredients, Gets Blindsided By All The Creatine

So much ouch in one smoothie.
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A collection of times that people made ridiculously risky decisions.

15 Dauntingly Dumb, Dangerous, And Bizarre Automobile Fails

Seriously no idea what they could've been thinking.
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overhyped things and products that flopped

Hugely Hyped Things That Came And Went

That's just kinda how it goes.
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funny fashion clothing fails

Wildly Questionable Clothing and Fashion Failures

Taste is subjective, sort of.
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A clueless manager blows her money on software that she doesn't understand.

Clueless Manager Blows Budget On Software She Doesn't Understand

Pretty unreal.
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