Poorly Dressed


Behold, the TaTa Top!

poorly dressed bikini - 8235149312
Via thetatatop on Instagram

Who Wears it Better?

beach bikini old guy old lady undies wtf - 4333309184
Created by Unknown

Who Says It's Not Bikini Weather Anymore?

poorly dressed wig bikini - 8365540352
Via patches710

Take a Look Kid, You Won't Be Seeing It Again For a While

baby bikini lady bits oh god why stroller what - 6391810560
Created by Unknown

I See You Brought a Friend to the Beach?

babes BAMF beach bikini gun swimsuit - 6284566016
Created by Unknown

The Boardwalk Used to Be Such a Nice Place

bikini no thanks - 6349718528
Created by Unknown

Gives New Meaning to the Term "Half-Assed"

bikini coat half lingerie prom - 4849211648
Via www.mnogozle.com

Classy Beach Tee Gets the High-End Treatment

runway bikini dress - 6659862272
Created by Unknown

An Almost Perfect Match

fashion shirt bikini - 7893141760
Created by Sarah J.

This Knitting Disguises Nothing at All

bikini crossdressing dress sheer - 6153116672
Created by _AfterDarkness_

Move Away, I Want to See More of That Fetching Young Thing in the Orange Bikini

beach bikini photobomb posing swimsuit - 5306370048
Created by Unknown

Poor Dressing Is Relative

bikini underwear - 4986685696
Created by Unknown

I Can Think of At Least 2 Things Faker Than That Smile

bikini fake orange - 4657440000
Created by kay

I Brought You a Flower

bikini hat shutter shades - 4774372352
Created by Unknown

A Winnie the Dressed Un-Seasonably Warm Pooh Ornament

christmas ornaments bikini winnie the pooh - 7941560320
Created by Unknown

It's Time to Stop Calling Them "Shorts"

bikini denim jean shorts jeans thong underwear - 5769168640
Created by Unknown
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