Poorly Dressed


Everyone's a Critic of this Bunny Costume

bikini dress ears eggs rabbit - 4819169536
Via scenefailsforthewin.tumblr.com

Take a Look Kid, You Won't Be Seeing It Again For a While

baby bikini lady bits oh god why stroller what - 6391810560

The Bunny Ranch is Getting Desperate

bikini crossdressing stockings - 4323135744
Created by Unknown


beach bikini eww guy swimsuits - 4125233920

This Knitting Disguises Nothing at All

bikini crossdressing dress sheer - 6153116672
Created by _AfterDarkness_

Something to Consider When Swimsuit Shopping

bathing suit bikini poorly dressed sunburn tan lines swimsuit - 8248797696
Via millertimeTGIF

Not Sure What Signals You're Trying to Send Here

america bikini shirt - 4854486528

You Sure About That?

bikini plastic surgery tattoo - 4694823680

"She" Was The First In Her Class To Grow A Beard.

beard bikini man pigtails tattoo - 5899734016
Created by Badwolfatl ( Via www.okcupid.com )


bikini cross dresser scary tattoo weird wtf - 4497803008

Gives New Meaning to the Term "Half-Assed"

bikini coat half lingerie prom - 4849211648
Via www.mnogozle.com

Look, They Match!

bikini matching orange - 4870107392
Created by emilyyypd24

An Almost Perfect Match

fashion shirt bikini - 7893141760
Created by Unknown

Swimwear for 12-Year-Olds Is So Metal

bikini - 4843029760
Created by milw414

Behold, the TaTa Top!

poorly dressed bikini - 8235149312
Via thetatatop on Instagram

We Know What We're Doing

bikini underwear poorly dressed g rated - 6991653376

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