Poorly Dressed


Not Sure What Signals You're Trying to Send Here

america bikini shirt - 4854486528

Bow Before Your Amazonian Queen!

amazon babes bikini retro vintage - 6511628800
Via These Americans

Maybe I Won't Ask for Her Digits...

beach bikini gun tan - 6099253760

Hey, Blank CDs Are Cheaper Than Swimwear

beach bikini CD swimsuit wtf - 5868991488

Poor Fashion Coverage: Poorly Dressed Even By Wal-Mart's Low, Low Standards

bikini news wal mart - 5024752896
Via www.komonews.com

Take a Look Kid, You Won't Be Seeing It Again For a While

baby bikini lady bits oh god why stroller what - 6391810560

Behold, the TaTa Top!

poorly dressed bikini - 8235149312
Via thetatatop on Instagram

This is Not What We Intended When We Made the Bikini

beach bewbs bikini fat lady bits oh god why poorly dressed - 6412047616

Don't Even Try and Hate On All This

beard bikini cross dressing manly pool - 6382666240

Finally, A Use For All Those AOL Discs

beach bikini DIY - 4531185408
Created by geha714

Poor Dressing Is Relative

bikini underwear - 4986685696

The Beard Shatters the Illusion a Little

bikini cross dressing goatee lingerie - 5169044480
Created by mischa3x4

I Fashioned My Skirt With Ketchup Packets From the Future

bikini silver skanky - 4836291840
Created by katriona12

Move Away, I Want to See More of That Fetching Young Thing in the Orange Bikini

beach bikini photobomb posing swimsuit - 5306370048
Created by Alex

Timmy's World Was Never the Same

bikini cross dressing - 6576097280

Kids Do the Darndest Things

bikini crossdressing eww kids parenting - 4290439168
Created by mcveyla

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