Poorly Dressed

I Support Your Lack of Support

breasts bra - 6699123200

Poorly Dressed: It Wasn't Long Ago That This Was Totally Acceptable

90s g rated Justin Timberlake pattern poorly dressed retro - 6121039104
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Barbershop Haircut Gone Wrong

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Monkey Business

Office masks - 6875542016
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Clearly, This is What the Backpack Was Intended to Contain

dogs poorly dressed fries backpack - 8372010240
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Prom Time

prom red carpet - 5042028032
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There's Never Enough Long Pieces

backpack poorly dressed g rated - 6893892352
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Formal Wear, the Hipster Section

hipsters plaid - 5491490816
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Is That a... "Wonder Bra"?

bra comic wonder woman - 6576028160
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Stop and Smell the Boyfriend Clothes

hoodies Rage Comics - 7322723072
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beyoncé Hall of Fame - 5649384448
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Wolf Skin is as Tough as Chainmail

chainmail girl wolf - 4256727296
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Restaurant Camouflage

poorly dressed restaurant - 8326109440
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Advice You'll Be Happy You Followed When You're Dead

fashion advice Death - 7984578048
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