A Good Christmas Card Gives a Glimpse Into Your Family's Life...

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The Only Acceptable Way to Introduce Your New Baby to Your Family

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Handshaking New Parent's is Always Risky

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This Will All Be Yours Someday

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Girl Cliques HOLLA!

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Family thinks they've lost their cat, and then it ends up showing up | Sister, Dad Yesterday 3:24 PM Dad got some bad news. Kitty has been missing since last night mom drove neighborhood just now, she found her street near house mom is pretty emotional so please reach out can and offer support. Oh no. So sorry hear this Sister Man. Just got off phone with her-she's definitely very broken up about Give her our love person get home, dad. And be sure get woman her groceries. Love guys!

Family Thinks They've Lost Their Cat, Cat Shows Them Otherwise

Cat must've been mad confused.
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How Many Times Do We Have to Go Through This?

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Wait a Sec...

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Your Kids Don't Want to See That Video

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You Didn't Need That Face, Right?

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Yep, He's a Heavy Metal Fan

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Classic Kristy

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Lifecoaching, Brought to You by the Local Convenience Store

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Local Baptist Church Wishing All Moms a Happy Mother's Day

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Tanked Toddlers: Poker Night is always a big deal

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Father Figure

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