The First Step is the Hardest

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Be ALL the Superheroes!

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Look at How Cute that - Oooohhh Hmmm Maybe Not...

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"I Feel It..."

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Mom Is Not Impressed by Your Announcement

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Aziz Ansari Tells Conan How He Can Only Be Around His Parents For 3 Days Before He Gets In Trouble

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Plants vs Kids

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Funny memes and tweets about dads, dad jokes | homer simpson sleeping while seated at a table: Dads brag about waking up early Also dads 5 mins after sitting on couch. tweet by President Warren G. Harding @PopeAwesomeXIII See prove l'm not some boring house dad got tattoo. Her: Oh cool s uh proudly s my thermos work! Her: Well, uh line work is certainly Don't touch thermos tat.

Dad Memes And Jokes To Keep You From Touching The Thermostat

Memes for the bio dads and the dads at heart.
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Nice Catch!

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We All Knew the House Whose Mom Served the Best Snacks

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Do You Think He Felt That?

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We Know that Feel, Ralph, We Know that Feel

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King Henry the Scumbag

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This Little Boy's Tauntaun Costume is Halloween Goals For Geeky Parents

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This is Neither the Time nor the Place

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When I Grow Up...

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