Damn Kids These Days

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For Advanced Readers

kids parenting books dora the explorer - 7990319616
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I guess the IRS appreciates clever exemptions

g rated Hall of Fame Parenting FAILS - 5774741760
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Just Cruisin' With Spiderman

driving g rated Parenting FAILS Spider-Man toddler - 6413704960
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I'll Never Do it Again

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That's Why I Use It Every Day

toothbrush sad puns That's Why I Use It Every Day
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ichaerus's Mom is Considering Changing Patronage

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"Special Whistle"

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Parenting FAIL, or Rebellious Baby WIN?

baby dangerous family photo Parenting Fail portrait warning - 5620974080
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Not sure if this is a Parenting WIN or Parenting FAIL

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Children's Books

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Puff Puff Pass (to Mom)

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How You Know You Married the Right Person

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Gnarly Baby, Dude

90s Awkward baby cartoons family portrait nerdgasm Parenting Fail portrait TMNT - 5295780096
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Total Eclipse of the Shart

fart Rage Comics fatherson - 6652526848
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Need TP For Your WHAT-Hole?!

Parenting Fail Sad toddler - 5452371712
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